Covid-19 Killed Online Dating; App Luxy Sees Shift Towards Networking

NEW YORK, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Coronavirus-related lockdowns and social distancing has led to more activity online. Dating App Luxy has taken a closer look into its user behavior that has dramatically changed. While on a survey conducted in mid-April among 2003 members, 63% said they wanted to wait to meet someone in person until the restrictions of the pandemic are lifted, a follow up question on June 5 revealed that for 54% Online Dating is not a top priority at the moment.

What are people looking for on Dating App Luxy?
Users are changing their objective and focus in larger numbers on making new friends and business networking. This user group makes up 35% in May. While romantic relationships are still on the radar of singles, it seems the continuous restrictions caused a shift in priorities.

We asked our members how long they are willing to wait to meet someone they are interested in. 63% want to wait until the pandemic is over and meet their crush physically. Only 20% of the singles think that video dating is an equivalent replacement.

With this attitude it's not surprising that the disparity of the main objective on Luxy has changed in May compared to the situation before the Coronavirus: Long-term relationship 44% (February 58%), nothing serious 11% (February 34%), new friends 35% (February 8%).

'Bounce-back' spirit among Americans visible
With most users having their own business being entrepreneurs, company spokesman Raffael Krause sees a rise in creativity and a fighting spirit among them: "The monitored shift is fascinating. It shows people are no longer in shock but see the crisis as a challenge. People want to change their life and are looking for ways to break the economic burden of the Coronavirus. One way to do so is Luxy. Last week, a woman in Kansas told me that she met her new business partner on our app. After detailed discussions, they formed a 1-year partnership to boost both of their businesses. It feels good to see people finding new opportunities on our platform."

Why the users' main intention has shifted on Luxy?
"Our largest user group with 41% are business owners and managers. Executives are facing similar problems so there is no surprise they started discussing these issues with each other," summarizes Jimmy Mee, CEO of Luxy. "It's a validation to the quality of our community. We remain the first choice for ambitious singles when finding new connections."

It implements verification and grants only those access who meet the high standards - including income, influence and reputation. With an acceptance rate of only 15%, Luxy is one of the most exclusive online dating sites. That's why more people join Luxy to build networks, especially when they're required to social distance and cannot meet in person. However, Luxy's main focus continues to remain on initiating romantic relationships.

About Luxy:
Launched in 2014, Luxy is the world's leading dating platform for wealthy and successful singles. With the focus on providing high-class experiences for sophisticated individuals, users need to verify their profile pictures to prevent catfishing. Besides swiping and matching, people can verify their income and identity to uphold Luxy's position as most excellent and trustworthy online community.

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