Safety Comes First: COINJUMP Created Additional OTC for Its Customers

TALLINN, Estonia, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Cryptocurrency exchange operations markets have been highly increasing. This announcement by COINJUMP has raised the bar for exchange operators, as the company now providing the best conditions possible in cryptocurrency transactions.

Exchanging Bitcoin and Ether with COINJUMP

This year had brought no surprises in terms of which tokens dominate the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin and Ether still leading when it comes to market capitalization. Cryptocurrency transactions on a daily basis are dominantly in these two tokens, which means an increasing number of people need to exchange fiat into crypto or vice versa in the best conditions and in a well-regulated environment.

COINJUMP have been able to provide the best exchange services for Bitcoin and Ether, as well to other tokens. The company accepting a variety of purchase solutions, including credit/debit cards or wire transfers.

COINJUMP is regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and is one of the few operators that had managed to provide exchange services in a regulated environment.

The wider public had been reluctant in dealing with exchange operators, mainly because the trust in these entities continues to be very low. COINJUMP, on the other hand, wants to prove it is possible to work with cryptocurrencies and comply with regulatory requirements at the same time.

With the selling rates provided by COINJUMP, users will be able to buy or sell BTC as well as ETH in Euro, enjoying some of the best market prices. With its well-connected Bitcoin miners and the world's largest exchange platforms, the brand's revolutionary attitude that combines safety and technology became highly appreciated among the trader's community.

COINJUMP is fully committed to providing reliable services, at a time when there's a growing demand for cryptocurrencies, especially for large-cap tokens.

Cryptocurrencies highly trending in 2020

Despite financial uncertainties, cryptocurrencies had been performing above expectations, with Bitcoin and Ether trading in the green for the year 2020. COIMJUMP comes with reliable exchange services at a time when the demand for cryptocurrencies is increasing and the wider public gets more involved in the industry. With the best euro-denominated rates for BTC and ETH, as well as an additional OTC desk, the services provided by COINJUMP are in line with the market requirements in 2020.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, no matter what critics are saying, and because of that, exchanges like COINJUMP have decided to raise the bar and raise their excellent service quality into the next level, that way not only their customers will benefit but it's also a contribution to the smooth and beneficial development of the overall industry. With reliable exchange services, COINJUMP proving it's possible to deal with cryptocurrencies in the best conditions.


COINJUMP is a cryptocurrency exchange providing reliable exchange services for Bitcoin and Ether. The operator is a leading exchange, buying and selling cryptocurrencies at the best rates. COINJUMP is well-regulated and complies with financial and AML regulatory requirements.