7Online Now Offers Largest Selection of Cryptocurrencies

LOUBIERE, Dominica, June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- 7ONLINE brand announced it now offers the largest selection of cryptocurrencies in the trading industry. As the cryptocurrency market continues its growth and new tokens are being created each month, this announcement labels 7ONLINE as a leading force in all regarding cryptocurrencies.

That's some very exciting news for cryptocurrency traders, the announcement answers directly to the growing need of brokers to manage and keep the pace with the latest developments and include new tokens on their instruments.

At 7Online traders can now enjoy access to instruments based on a diverse range of cryptocurrencies. The broker is providing access to 30+ crypto assets, ranging from BTC, ETH, or ETH, all the way to smaller altcoins like XTZ, GNO, or TRX.

Finding trading opportunities on a daily basis

Considering the cryptocurrency market is still very active, day-trading opportunities arise constantly. 7ONLINE believes it is a must that traders have access to as many instruments based on crypto, so their coverage will be broad enough to build a well-diversified portfolio, with cryptocurrency assets as part of it. Right now, clients working with 70NLINE can trade cryptocurrency contracts denominated in Tether, Bitcoin, or Ether.

Uncertainties across all financial markets had made traders more opened towards cryptocurrencies, Since the crypto market is uncorrelated with any other asset class, it means a great opportunity to diversify can be leveraged. Also, traders wanting to focus their full attention on cryptocurrencies are now able to do so, thanks to the offer provided by the company.

Leading trading technology

Aside from the wide range of cryptocurrency instruments, 7ONLINE is also well-known for simple and cutting-edge technology. The broker puts the quickest and most reliable trading tools in its clients' direct control, finally giving them the ability to buy or sell the world's fastest-growing cryptocurrencies, with simple controls and impeccable accuracy.

The 7ONLINE web-based platform represents a combination of power and speed, enabling traders to have market access on any device, directly from the browser, without any installation needed.

Providing an enhanced security feature is another core value of 7ONLINE, which is why the company has the latest and most advanced security measures in the industry. Clients will have complete freedom to trade cryptocurrencies, knowing their privacy and online security will always be protected.

Its full commitment to providing reliable trading services had helped 7ONLINE to build a trusted trading community and now dozens of industry veterans with years of trading using the 7ONLINE services.

With a diversified instruments list, leading trading technology, and reliable customer services, 7ONLINE are pointing to be the top choice for online traders, aiming to constantly improve its offer and provide added value for traders all around the world.

About 7Online

7Online is a trading services provider, offering access to a wide range of cryptocurrency instruments, alongside other asset classes. The broker is also providing next-generation trading technology, fast order execution, superior performance, and user interface, as well as professional customer support.

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