justmiine Scales Remote Health Monitoring Technology to Provide COVID-19 Risk Management Solutions

CHICAGO, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- justmiine, a remote patient monitoring (RPM) software company that enables healthcare institutions to deliver virtual care in a coordinated fashion, has scaled it's platform to provide corporations with proven and scalable solutions to help businesses and employees get back to work safely.

Utilizing its physician-led software, justmiine's new miinehealth software provides organizations with the tools they need to reopen and conduct business safely during the coronavirus pandemic. Administering at-home healthcare, miinehealth provides employees with access to their HIPAA-compliant software and tools to conduct daily check-ins and temperature checks. Immediate reports indicate to employees who should go to work and who should consult a healthcare provider through the app's telemedicine portal. Employers are provided aggregated reporting to quickly and systemically manage organizational health and safety risks. Integrating with businesses' security systems and employee lists, companies can manage which employees are approved to enter facilities and can provide quick and seamless contact tracing if infections emerge. Partnering with leading laboratories, miinehealth can help companies screen individuals for COVID using high-quality FDA backed active infection PCR swab tests.

"justmiine was built for remote patient monitoring, real-time reporting and at-home provider-patient interactions. When COVID-19 hit the United States, we knew our model could be scaled to support workplaces when they reopened," said Dr. Luciano Fochesatto, founder of justmiine. "Helping employers and employees ensure the wellbeing of each other and their business is our first priority. By adapting justmiine's remote health issues identification and long-term health conditions management capabilities, we hope to mitigate the risks companies face when reopening."

Launched in 2018, justmiine has continued to evolve the telemedicine industry. Providing patients and providers with a mobile-first platform equipped with continuous communication, customized and engaged care, and data collection, tracking, and analysis, justmiine allows for healthcare solutions to be administered at-home and on time. During the current coronavirus pandemic, these services are more vital than ever and justmiine is working to ensure its application and full range of capabilities are available for individuals and companies to receive quality care.

About justmiine:
justmiine is a Chicago-based, physician-led software company that has set out to improve the cost-effectiveness of the care developed by our clients and improve the quality of life and outcomes of the patients using our software. Visit https://www.justmiine.com/ for more information.

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