TouchPointCare releases BYOD platform, expanding its patient-centric telehealth solution with bring your own device technology

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill., Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- BYOD technology is the latest functionality provided by TouchPointCare, a Web-based, integrated communication platform developed to help healthcare providers care for patients at home through remote patient monitoring, communication, education, and patient engagement. Customers of TouchPointCare can stay in touch with their patients on their own devices however they prefer including customized IVR phone calls, text, email, live calls, or video calls.

Demand is growing for cost- effective telehealth management of homecare patients with multiple chronic health conditions who require ongoing monitoring and clinical interaction. TouchPointCare's BYOD offering allows patients to use their own smart devices and the app store to pair with an array of blue-tooth biometric devices, directly input health data and interact with their care providers virtually. Patients are more likely to participate in their care because of the familiarity of their own device, and payors save because the connectivity comes from the patient's device.

The TouchPointCare solution further engages patients with a series of personalized questions using customizable branching logic, embedded analytics, dashboards, and configurable alert thresholds which prompt clinicians for medical intervention when necessary. In addition to collecting patient health data, the solution educates patients on their health conditions with a library of video content, and engages them in their own self-directed care.

TouchPointCare CEO, David Anderson Ph.D., FACHE, says "TouchPointCare promotes better health outcomes by efficiently collecting patient data, educating patients on their health conditions, and engaging them in better self-management." He adds, "our mission is to harness the power of communication technology to help healthcare providers drive health and wellness for patients. The addition of the BYOD platform further positions TouchPointCare as a leader in technology for healthcare providers."

About TouchPointCare
At TouchPointCare we deliver an innovative, patient-centric telehealth engagement and monitoring solution for healthcare providers to lower costs and improve patient outcomes. The solution supports BYOD at app stores, is device agnostic, supports EMR integration, and is HIPAA compliant, securely maintaining patient privacy across all platforms. Learn more at

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