LexisNexis Launches Lexis Product Liability Navigator to Help Practitioners Determine Case Value and Viability While Reducing Risk and Research Time

NEW YORK, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today announced the launch of Lexis Product Liability Navigator(TM) on the Lexis Advance® platform. Lexis Product Liability Navigator is the second in the Navigator franchise, joining the previously released Lexis Medical Navigator®. These purpose-built solutions for complex forms of litigation are uniquely designed to complement the way lawyers and research professionals in these practice areas work and significantly reduce the time it takes them to get the insights and information they need.

Lexis Product Liability Navigator helps corporate counsel and product liability attorneys quickly assess the validity, value and potential risk of a case, obtain critical information and insights across all LexisNexis content, and formulate case strategies while reducing research hours spent on case preparation.

Built from the ground up in collaboration with leading product liability attorneys, Lexis Product Liability Navigator intuitively combines all of the tools, content and information that attorneys and researchers need to assess and prepare for cases and creates workflow efficiencies that improve upon how practitioners actually perform these tasks. Combined with information, data and analytics from LexisNexis Context and Verdict & Settlement Analyzer, Lexis Product Liability Navigator provides practitioners with an effective, efficient platform for validating product liability cases in a single, comprehensive dashboard.

"Lexis Product Liability Navigator is a powerful solution that addresses the unique needs of litigators practicing products liability law. The workflow-based solution illuminates the risks or rewards of a case and saves time and resources on case assessment," said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO, LexisNexis North America. "From product recall reports to verdict summaries, no other solution provides this level of functionality or mirrors the way attorneys and researchers approach product liability cases. We listened to over 300 product liability practitioners and custom-built a solution designed to set them up for success. Simply put, Lexis Product Liability Navigator dramatically reduces the time it takes to make well-researched decisions in products liability cases."

With Lexis Product Liability Navigator, users can search for and filter cases by product type, product name, product manufacturer and federal or state jurisdiction across six content types. A dashboard product overview page graphically displays the number of results generated for Regulations, Recalls and Reports, Caselaw, Verdicts and Settlements, Expert Witnesses and Multidistrict Litigation - all of which typically required separate searches that increased research hours. Clicking on any of these descriptive dashboard tiles takes users to the most relevant documents for their query, delivered in the familiar Lexis Advance format. Clicking on any associated expert witness will bring up their profile in Context Expert Witnesses Analytics.

Later this summer, Lexis Product Liability Navigator will implement a unique 'No-Fail Searching' feature that automates complex searches for better results. If one or more content types yield zero search results - due to the granularity of search terms - the dashboard's no-fail search feature will automatically drop the lowest-scoring search term and re-run the search until results can be found, or until zero is the best result. This unique feature automates the same processes that attorneys or researchers would do multiple times across multiple content types, helping save time and eliminate frustration.

For more information on Lexis Product Liability Navigator features and pricing, please visit https://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/products/product-liability-navigator.page?access=1-9034170071&treatcd=1-9150062981.

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