Semantic Web Company and Ontotext Partner to Advance Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

VIENNA and SOFIA, Bulgaria, June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ontotext (OT) and Semantic Web Company (SWC) -- two of the strongest voices advocating the value of knowledge graphs for organizations dealing with large amounts of diverse data -- have announced a strategic partnership.

Together, the companies will be able to meet the highest requirements of enterprise architects such as deployment, monitoring, resilience, and interoperability with other enterprise IT systems and security. Now users will be able to work with a feature-rich toolset to manage a graph composed of billions of edges that is hosted in data centers around the world.

"With highly complementary portfolios, a partnership between our companies is a natural fit, and clients will certainly appreciate the benefits of this compatibility when it comes to meeting their needs, especially during times when staying agile is so necessary," said Atanas Kiryakov, CEO of Ontotext.

For the market, the spillover benefits from these two companies working together is sure to bring even greater momentum to knowledge graph management, and for clients, a partnership like this will enable enterprises to discover and make use of advantages and unlocked potential hidden away in knowledge they already have.

"This partnership will offer superior support for all three loops (users, experts, automation) along the entire knowledge graph lifecycle -- from requirement gathering and data discovery, to development, usage, maintenance, and evolution," said Andreas Blumauer, CEO of Semantic Web Company.

The companies have implemented a seamless integration of the PoolParty Semantic Suite(TM) v.8 with the GraphDB(TM) and Ontotext Platform, which offers benefits for numerous use cases:

GraphDB powering PoolParty: Most of the knowledge graph management tools out there bundle open-source solutions that are good at managing thousands of concepts, whereas PoolParty bundled with GraphDB flawlessly manages millions of concepts and entities--without extra deployment overheads.

PoolParty linked to high-availability GraphDB cluster: GraphDB can now be used as an external store for PoolParty, which offers an unmatched combination of performance, scalability and resilience. This is particularly relevant for organizations intent on developing tailor-made knowledge graph platforms integrated into their existing data and content management infrastructure.

Dynamic text analysis using big knowledge graphs: PoolParty can be used to edit big knowledge graphs in order to tune the behavior of Ontotext's text analysis pipelines, which employ vast amounts of domain knowledge to boost precision. This way the power and comprehensiveness of generic off-the-shelf natural language processing (NLP) pipelines can be custom-tailored to an enterprise.

GraphQL benefits for PoolParty: Application developers can now access the knowledge graph via GraphQL to build end-user applications or integrate knowledge graph services with the functionality of existing systems. Ontotext Platform uses semantic business objects, defined by subject matter experts and business analysts, to generate GraphQL interfaces and transform them into SPARQL.

About Semantic Web Company

As a leading provider of graph-based metadata, search and analysis solutions, Semantic Web Company ( supports its customers in the development and implementation of enterprise knowledge graphs, in the extraction of useful knowledge from large data sets, and in the integration and linking of structured and unstructured data. The technology company is the vendor of PoolParty Semantic Suite(TM) ( and also helps organizations to develop strategies that support the efficient introduction and implementation of innovative graph technologies.

About Sirma AI EAD, trading as Ontotext

Ontotext ( is a global leader in knowledge graph technology and semantic database engines. Ontotext crafts big knowledge graphs to enable unified data access and cognitive analytics via text mining and by linking data across multiple sources. Leveraging AI and cognitive technologies, Ontotext helps enterprises get a competitive advantage by connecting the dots in their proprietary knowledge and interpreting it using global intelligence as context. Ontotext GraphDB(TM) engine and Ontotext Platform power business critical systems in the biggest banks, media, market intelligence agencies, automotive and aerospace manufacturers.

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