Hoss Launches Solution for Managing the APIs Companies Consume and Rely On

AUSTIN, Texas, June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Hoss(TM), a Y Combinator-backed enterprise software company, today announced the launch of its new solution for tracking and managing the APIs companies consume to help them make better API-driven products. The launch includes a freemium version of the product.

Companies are more dependent on APIs to power their businesses than ever before - from ecommerce and delivery services to telehealth providers. But most companies are not prepared to meet the demands of an increasingly API-driven world. Reliability issues and visibility gaps around the API integrations that make these services possible are widespread, which directly affects customers' experience and their lifetime value to the business.

Hoss gives companies deep visibility and more reliable integrations. Hoss's free offering will give users full visibility into their APIs and basic alerting about their API integrations. The paid "plus" version of the product will let users create teams within the platform, access more data analytics, integrate with PagerDuty and Slack, and have a higher request limit.

"We are acutely aware that we are launching our solution during a unique moment in history when effective API tracking and management is more critical than ever to keep deliveries, online transactions and contact-free interactions running smoothly," said Matt Hawkins, CEO and co-founder of Hoss. "Even outside of a global pandemic, 83% of all web traffic can be attributed to APIs, and the wide array of APIs that businesses consume continues to become more varied and complex. At Hoss, our goal is to help companies build better products and deliver superior customer experience."

Companies today rely on APIs for nearly all aspects of their business. The recent State of the Cloud 2020 report by Bessemer Venture Partners predicts that "the API universe will drive innovation across all industries" and that "nearly every industry will be reinvented by an API." Already, the average team uses close to 20 third-party APIs to power important parts of their applications, and half of all B2B collaboration occurs via an API - but API integrations come with inherent challenges, and the consequences of even one API failure can be significant. According to a recent report by SmartBear, 56% of companies say poor API performance can lead to customer loss.

Hoss was part of the Y Combinator accelerator program (W20) and has raised $1.6 million in seed funding led by FundersClub and investors including Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, Abstraction Capital, Lombard Street Ventures, Shipyard Capital, VentureSouq and a group of angel investors.

"We have had several instances where an API had gone down and we didn't know it until a customer reported it to us. Hoss completely solves this problem for us," said Blake Robertson, CTO of Handle.com and a Hoss customer.

Learn more about Hoss and its solutions at http://www.Hoss.com.

About Hoss
Hoss helps teams make better API-driven products by tracking and managing the APIs they consume. The company's simple, easy-to-use solution gives teams deep visibility into the third-party APIs they rely on to make sure integrations are robust and applications run smoothly.