CareerBuilder Reveals Advanced Updates to Talent Acquisition Suite

CHICAGO, June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Global HR technology leader CareerBuilder today unveils innovative updates to its comprehensive Talent Acquisition Suite, helping businesses reach and convert qualified candidates faster. With a suite of services that impact the entire recruitment process, the updates provide clients with easier access to data and information, facilitate improved communication with candidates and provide an enhanced candidate and client experience. The streamlined end-to-end technology solution enables clients to make smarter, faster and more impactful decisions while cutting costs up to 50 percent and delivering a significant return on their investment.

"With an increase of available talent on the market, now is a time for companies to focus on building their talent communities. We have been working with clients to illustrate how comprehensive, multi-channel technology solutions can augment their teams and enhance efforts at each stage of the hiring process - delivering an improved experience and a high return on their investment," said Irina Novoselsky, CEO of CareerBuilder. "As the more than 40 million American workers who have been displaced over the last three months seek to find new opportunities and the supply of open positions increases, CareerBuilder is committed to working with employers to provide them with tools and technology to build a diverse talent pipeline with an eye on improving the employment and wage disparities experienced by women and minorities, helping to drive change and positioning our clients to come back strong."

"From our enhanced career sites, improved data and reporting tools, mobile app updates and new employee engagement offerings, the latest updates to our TA Suite were built with market data and client feedback in mind," added Humair Ghauri, Chief Product & Technology Officer, CareerBuilder. "Our team continues to be a leader in the HR Tech industry, driving innovation and offering a comprehensive solution built on AI and machine learning technology. Our team thrives on seeing our products deliver more qualified candidates for our end-users, helping them covert them quickly and providing a seamless experience across our client and job seeker audiences."

The flexibility of CareerBuilder's comprehensive talent acquisition suite enables companies to more quickly navigate market changes, save on costs, and increase efficiencies twofold. Updates being released include:

    --  Delivering a seamless client experience and launching a new career site
        built on the power of platform. CareerBuilder's Talent
        Network now allows clients to easily manage their talent network and
        career site through our robust recruitment platform. It's user-friendly
        and integrates seamlessly with Talent Discovery, so clients can not only
        manage their talent network and career site, but also post jobs, search
        for candidates, send email campaigns, obtain labor market insights and
        more - all from one platform. With analytics built-in, this unified view
        gives clients enhanced visibility into their ROI.                    
        CareerBuilder is also introducing a new self-service career site that
        enables clients to create and edit their career sites themselves in
        real-time. Built on the platform, clients will receive
        all of the benefits of our optimized job seeker experience including: a
        mobile responsive design, enhanced job recommendations, advanced
        filtering and CareerBuilder's AI Resume Builder built-in to the
        application flow. This optimized experience reduces job seeker friction
        and increases applications.

    --  Updates to Talent Discovery Platform improve search, messaging and
        mobile app features. New filter and search functionality will provide
        recruiters with quick and easy access to data, information and insights
        on candidates they find most helpful. An active conversation widget aims
        to drive awareness for candidate engagement so that recruiters can more
        quickly see and respond to candidate messages. The TDP companion app
        which provides recruiters access to their account on the go, has been
        updated with a push notifications feature that will alert them to
        candidate replies no matter where they are.

    --  CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking (CBAT) design, speed and functionality
        updates create streamlined product experience. With a new look and feel
        to mirror Talent Network and Talent Discovery Platform, clients will
        have a similar experience across CareerBuilder's suite of offerings. New
        dashboard, requisition, candidate and reporting widgets bring critical
        information clearly to the forefront, helping recruiters respond quickly
        to activities within their network. Click Boarding integration allows
        clients to initiate onboarding from a configured workflow stage, monitor
        progress at a glance and synchronize data between CBAT and Click
    --  Connectivity and community-building power of SocialReferral has been
        enhanced. CareerBuilder's SocialReferral tool has been updated to
        include a calendar tool to allow admins the ability to schedule and plan
        posts and competitions in advance. Clients can now embed their timelines
        from SocialReferral into their career sites, giving candidates insight
        into the day-to-day of an organization. Single sign-on functionality
        removes the friction of users needing to create a username or password,
        improving employee adoption rates. Weekly digest emails will be sent to
        both users and admins. Analytics information will be sent to admins
        helping them to better understand activity without manually pulling
        every week. Users will receive an overview of activity in the tool,
        increasing user engagement.

CareerBuilder's products and solutions are backed by 25 years of data and powered by AI and machine learning technology that matches job seekers to opportunities and delivers the right candidates to employers. CareerBuilder is one of the largest providers of AI-powered hiring solutions serving the majority of the Fortune 500 across five specialized markets.

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CareerBuilder is a global technology company that provides end-to-end talent acquisition solutions to help employers find, hire and onboard great talent, and helps job seekers build new skills and progressive careers as the modern world of work changes. An industry disruptor for nearly 25 years, CareerBuilder is the only company that offers both software and services to cover every step of the Hello To Hire(TM) process, enabling its customers to free up valuable resources across their HR tech supply chain to drive their business forward. CareerBuilder operates in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia and is the largest provider of AI-powered hiring solutions serving the majority of the Fortune 500 across five specialized markets. CareerBuilder is majority-owned by funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management, Inc. and Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board. For more information, visit for a great candidate experience and to learn more about our solutions for employers.

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