Partnering with Global Accessory Brand Kensington, Eyebloc Leaves the Shark Tank Behind to Launch a New Webcam Cover Line

OAKLAND, Calif., June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- To Eyebloc's credit, it was one of the first companies to raise awareness about the lack of privacy that many Americans experience using camera-enabled devices. If only the sharks could have foreseen the future as Eyebloc President and Founder C.J. Isakow presented his first prototype.

Fast forward to today: Eyebloc is the leading brand of webcam covers and privacy camera blockers for tablets, laptops, phones, computers, MacBooks, PCs and smart display devices, such as Amazon Echo Show. In an age where cyberspying has become more prevalent and people are using their cameras everyday, Eyebloc's innovative products make it easy for consumers to feel safe in their own home. This June, the small business unveils its partnership with Kensington to bring professional-grade webcam covers, including a patented magnetic webcam cover designed exclusively for MacBook to market.

"It's been an interesting learning experience working with a big company like Kensington," Isakow said, adding that it has also been quite a journey to launch a new product in the midst of the pandemic.

He first met with the company 18 months ago with no result, but fate brought him back as he worked with another client in the same building as the Kensington office. Knowing Kensington was the right brand to work with, his dedication and persistence paid off as he landed a second meeting which secured the partnership.

"Our belief in the need for this product, coupled with our continued commitment to delivering the world's best webcam covers, led to the perfect alliance with Kensington," he said. "As society shifts towards more flexibility to work from home and remote learning this line of products resonate with those who have learned to trust Kensington as The Professionals Choice."

Eyebloc's Vice President of Product Development, Jonathan Mafrice, was pleasantly surprised that during the pandemic they were able to go from a handshake agreement to launch in record time. As an industry veteran in electronic accessories, he understood that launching a new product with a brand known best for its desktop and mobile device accessories and information technology (IT) security solutions would also require elevating the quality of Eyebloc's products.

Together, Eyebloc and Kensington are releasing not one, but two webcam cover models. The patented Eyebloc Magnetic Webcam Cover for MacBook is the thinnest webcam cover on the market, even allowing the laptop to close completely while attached. Avoiding the gunky residue of adhesive materials, it attaches using the laptop's built-in magnets.

To use, simply place the cover over your camera and slide to expose your webcam. The material is a sleek, matte-coated high carbon steel, designed to complement the MacBook's aesthetic.

For all other camera-optimized devices, the Nanobloc Universal Webcam Cover for Camera-Enabled Devices attaches using unique nano-suction cups that stick to your device with no adhesives. Users can easily enable and disable a webcam by simply peeling and moving this uniquely designed cover. To refresh its stickiness, simply rinse with water and let dry. The Nanobloc works on any device including phones, laptops, monitors and tablets.

"Kensington's history of focusing on professional users and innovative physical security for computers, plus Eyebloc's focus on today's online privacy and data security, makes this an ideal partnership," said Vice President of Kensington Global Product Development, Gwen Hsu.

Products are available for purchase on Amazon and Businesses and government agencies can purchase the newest line on and other B2B distributors.

Visit the Eyebloc website to learn how the company partners with corporate clients to produce customized webcam covers.

About Eyebloc: Eyebloc's appearance on ABC's Shark Tank Season 5 brought national attention to privacy issues and made the company founded in 2013 a household favorite. The U.S. company creates technology products that protect people's privacy and data through unsurpassed design, function and quality. Today Eyebloc serves a wide range of customers from Silicon Valley CTOs to families who want the best in electronic-use privacy. Its portfolio of products includes the patented Eyebloc Webcam for MacBook, the Nanobloc Universal Webcam Cover for Camera-Enabled Devices and the Databloc Data-Blocking USB Adapter.

About Kensington: The leading provider of desktop and mobile device accessories, trusted by IT, educators, business and home office professionals around the world for more than 35 years offers an extensive portfolio of award-winning products. Kensington provides trusted security, desktop productivity innovations and ergonomic well-being. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, it's the inventor and worldwide leader in laptop security locks.

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