GNP Realty and One Development Continue Work on Job Sites with Enhanced Safety Procedures

CHICAGO, June 19, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- GNP Realty and One Development announced the steps taken to protect workers on active development projects as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. GNP Realty, a real estate management and construction firm, proactively shut down all job sites before the federal government issued guidelines to do so, in order to ensure the safety of workers and on-site visitors.

GNP's Commitment to Keeping its Workers Safe

GNP Realty is committed to exceptional customer service, and that starts with a commitment to its employees and contractors. As a family owned business, GNP Realty understands that a positive environment for staff is the best way to ensure superb client services. This is why keeping job sites safe is a priority for the company and why GNP Realty wants to do its part to keep staff and contractors protected against COVID-19.

"From the outset of the spread of the coronavirus, our priority has been the health and safety of our team, clients, partners and vendors," stated CEO Dean Kutrumanes. "We have taken multiple measures to reduce risk through education, reduction of group meetings, suspension of non-essential travel and remaining connected."

GNP reopened job sites in April with strict safety recommendations outlined in an internal document, including but not limited to:

    --  No job will have more than 10 people on site
    --  Skilled labor needs to be conducted 6-10 feet apart to maintain proper
        social distancing
    --  GNP will provide PPE in the form of gloves, masks, and eyewear for
        internal construction and outside consultants, as well as any visitors
        to job sites
    --  Handshakes are discouraged in place of other methods of greeting
    --  Touchless entry and security checkpoints
    --  Limited construction hoist occupancy
    --  Weekly complete job site sterilization.

GNP Extends Effort to Staff as Well

In addition to on-site safety procedures, GNP Realty has moved a majority of its staff to remote workstations to further protect against the transmission of COVID-19. GNP Realty will have its safety guidelines available on its website.

For the latest information on the symptoms, prevention, and treatment of Covid-19, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coronavirus webpage:

For interim guidance and other resources on protecting workers from coronavirus, visit OSHA's COVID-19 webpage: