Talking Packaging Answers Product Questions

MELBOURNE, Australia, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Clever technology, enabling customers to talk to the products they're about to purchase, will change shopping forever, according to Digital Marketing Expert, Dave Chaffey.

Frustrated shoppers with product-related questions will no longer have to wait idly for a shop assistant's help - the product will tell them the answer instantly, and all they have to do is ask.

Sounds far-fetched? It's not.

Third Aurora, a tech startup led by Chaffey today demonstrated a working prototype of the remarkable concept. A video, posted to the company website, shows Chaffey using his phone to identify a bottle of red wine, then asking questions, each of which are seemingly answered by the bottle, in a Siri-like voice.

See video demonstration

In fact, Chaffey shows through his phone that the voice belongs to a virtual chatbot character but adds "He's not usually there. We added that little guy for the demo, otherwise there's nothing to see."

Ground-breaking innovation
The innovative concept was challenging for the Third Aurora team, who had to bring together a complicated mix of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, language processing, and cloud data.

This is not the first success for Third Aurora - they are the driving force behind Winerytale, which is raising capital for a first-mover push into global wine markets.

The demonstration is short, but it establishes proof-of-concept - an important milestone. And it demonstrates a tangible solution, that requires no special equipment, other than a smartphone to act as the conduit for communication.

The commercial applications are enormous with user cases in food and beverage, manufacturing, health, education, and many more industries.

"It's an exciting concept. And an elegant solution," says Chaffey.

"And it fits the ethos that the best place to find the answer is from the source."

About Third Aurora
Third Aurora is a Collaborative Tech Engine, founded by Matt Hallberg, Luke Chaffey, and Dave Chaffey, each of which are recognised specialists in their respective fields of augmented reality, software development, and digital marketing strategy.

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