BroadLink: Setting Up Smart Home Product No Longer Requires an APP

HANGZHOU, China, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- World's leading smart home solution provider BroadLink, today announced its revolutionary smart home technology NoAPP(TM) which brings 1-minute setup journey for Wi-Fi IoT device without any app and works directly with Alexa and Google Home in just 3 simple steps:

With rapid growth of smart home industry today, users and device manufacturers are facing challenges of device setup journey with various pains such as learning manual, choosing apps, long onboarding process, device setup failure and excessive permission requirement.

With NoAPP(TM) technology, BroadLink creatively turns the IoT device itself into a wireless access point so you could log onto it with your phone to give it your router's details. That would then connect it to the Internet and in turn connect it directly to Alexa and Google Home.

"This will bring the world new generation of smart home setup experience," said Jack Yao, BroadLink's co-founder and COO. "Now, end users can save up to 60% of time on device setup and get almost 100% success. Device manufacturers and retailers also showed great interests in this technology which helps them free from endless bug fixes and maintenance for their apps while most people prefer to use Alexa and Google Home."

The NoAPP(TM) feature will be firstly available on BroadLink's 4(th) generation of smart devices such as smart plug and smart bulb in June on Amazon US and Australia. Other regions will be covered later in Q3.

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BroadLink is a leader in turn-key smart home solution. The company is driving the innovation needed to build intelligent smart life for people with IoT and AI technologies, wireless components, consumer products, IoT cloud service and app services.

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