Kyla Launches Onsite Weekly COVID-19 Testing and App for Companies of All Sizes

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Kyla today announced that its new comprehensive platform for COVID-19 testing of employees is available for companies of all sizes throughout California. Through a suite of technology apps, Kyla offers weekly on-site testing for all employees and daily symptom monitoring of employees' condition, with doctors reviewing these daily updates and providing telemedicine counseling, evaluation and work clearance via the Kyla Chat tool to closely monitor potential cases. Weekly drive up and onsite testing are also incorporated into the COVID-19 testing procedures for all employees. If an infection does crop up, the outbreak is controlled through contact tracing as well as telemedicine counseling with physicians, which is available 9am to 9pm until employees have a clean bill of health.

With the nation's workforce gearing up for a return to working onsite, higher safety standards to ensure the safety of employees, their families, and the public in general are companies' number-one priority. Kyla's client roster is expanding daily and includes various companies and educational institutions, including Off the Grid, AP-Tech, Alameda County Community Food Bank, Hydraflow and others. These are companies whose very existence is based upon providing a safe environment for their customers and employees.

"Weekly COVID-19 testing is vital to managing outbreaks and potential spread of the coronavirus in the workplace," said Garick Hismatullin, CEO of Kyla. "We bring mobile-testing teams into our clients' parking lots to ensure the safety of their employees while also making the whole process as convenient as possible."

Medical experts say infected individuals are contagious within three days after being infected, and it could take up to 12 days to show any symptoms. This underlies the significance of maintaining vigilant testing procedures, according to Hismatullin, since over 25% of people infected don't show any symptoms.

Kyla's COVID-19 testing includes the initial testing of all employees as well as weekly testing thereafter. Employees also must submit to a daily, non-invasive symptom check facilitated through the app's dashboard. Kyla provides CDC recommended molecular tests which are FDA and EUA approved. Infected employees are connected to doctors to receive virtual treatment. Physicians oversee the treatment and recovery of affected patients and sign off on their ability to return to work. Employers have access to all pertinent data through a dedicated Kyla dashboard.

Based in Fullerton California, Hydraflow is an Orange County business with over 300 employees that implemented Kyla. "As we celebrate over 50 years of providing engineered aerospace and defense systems components, we continue to prioritize the well-being of our employees," says Sarah Harris, Human Resource Manager for Hydraflow. "Kyla is a critical part of our compliance procedures, now and in the future."

Kyla works closely with Action Health to offer both telemedicine and hands-on traditional medical services. The program overlaps the best of virtual and real-world medical services. Kyla's comprehensive COVID-19 solution is affordable, with a flat fee of only $9.99 per employee per month. A lower cost per employee is available for businesses with more than 250 staffers. The fee includes access to the Kyla app and its technology suite; COVID-19-related medical services are billed to healthcare insurance firms that cover all costs. The service will be available soon in Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Texas.

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Kyla is the only comprehensive platform that blends onsite weekly testing for COVID-19 with an employee mobile app and employer dashboard. The result is stronger compliance with health guidelines, a healthier workforce and greater employee confidence. Learn more at

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