Showcase Cinemas Launches ShowcaseNOW Video-On-Demand Service To Amplify And Support Its Successful Event Cinema Theatrical Programming

NORWOOD, Mass., June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Showcase Cinemas, a world leader in the motion picture exhibition industry, announced today that it is launching a new streaming service called ShowcaseNOW at, along with free apps for IOS and Android. ShowcaseNOW is a new video-on-demand service designed to complement and expand upon Showcase Cinemas' highly successful in-theater Event Cinema programming. Customers can then watch via the app on any devices, or if available, mirror/cast to their Smart TV.

ShowcaseNOW offers a handpicked selection of films and event-programming, refreshed monthly and available for customers to enjoy while at home or on the move. ShowcaseNOW's curated focus, all living under Showcase Cinemas' highly successful Event Cinema banner, will include unique current films, Bring Back films, inspirational and educational documentaries, museum tours, and exciting performances captured on stage, spanning concert arena films to musical theater.

The service features a library of titles from studios such as Paramount, Lionsgate, Vertical, Magnolia, Abramorama and Eagle Rock and special content providers such as BY Experience for digital rental or purchase.

"Our Event Cinema programming has entertained theater audiences around the world and we are now delivering it to your home," said Mark Walukevich, Senior Vice President of Film and Event Cinema. "With the launch of ShowcaseNOW we are making our Event Cinema programming - our Bring Backs film series, concerts or independent movies - available now for anyone to stream and screen anywhere, anytime!"

Featuring feel-good films, undiscovered independent gems, and specialist titles spanning inspirational documentaries through to uplifting musicals, ShowcaseNOW has been tailored with our Event Cinema audience in mind. ShowcaseNOW's five key areas will offer even more than our in-theater offerings:

    --  New to NOW: Includes quality mid-level and limited-release films
        covering known new releases through to undiscovered gems.
    --  Bring Backs: Classic and fan-favorite films.
    --  Discover: Documentaries and educational programming with a global view.
    --  Arena & Stage: The fastest-growing area within cinema exhibition,
        including everything from music documentaries to concerts, to Musical
    --  Arts and Museums: This programming selection offers deep dives into the
        lives and works of artists we know and love, to a close-up look at some
        of the world's finest museums.

A sample of Event Cinema programming currently available on ShowcaseNOW includes:

    --  New to NOW: "40 Years of Rocky: The Birth of a Classic," "Capone,"
        "James Vs. His Future Self," "A Quiet Place," "World War Z," and
        "Already Gone"
    --  Bring Backs: "Gladiator," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Grease,"
        "Anchorman," "Clueless," "Beverly Hills Cop," "Coming to America," "The
        North End," "An Officer and a Gentleman," and "Monty Python and the Holy
    --  Discover: "Parkland Rising," "The Bill Murray Stories," "General Magic,"
        "Refugee," "Armstrong," "RBG," "Mother," "Blackfish," "The Starfish,"
        and "One Child Left Behind: The Untold Atlanta Cheating Scandal"
    --  Arena & Stage: "42(nd) Street," "An American in Paris: The Musical,"
        "Miles Davis: Birth of Cool," "New Orleans: Up From The Streets," "Sound
        City," "Cirque du Soleil: World's Away," "Eddie Murphy Raw," "Neil
        Young: Heart of Gold," "Rolling Stones Ole, Ole, Ole! A Trip Across
        Latin America," and "John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky"
    --  Arts and Museums: "Frida: Viva la Vida," "Water Lilies of Monet,"
        "Hermitage: The Power of Art," "Van Gogh: Of Wheat Fields," "Clouded
        Skies," and "Gauguin in Tahiti: Paradise Lost"

"ShowcaseNOW offers a differentiated VOD service that effectively expands upon our Event Cinema theatrical programming," said Mark Malinowski, Vice President of Global Marketing, Showcase Cinemas. "The diverse and unique programming along with the ability to earn Starpass loyalty rewards on rentals and purchases makes ShowcaseNOW a 'win win' for our existing and new customer base."

Starpass loyalty members will be available to earn 10% rewards on ShowcaseNOW programming rentals or purchases. ShowcaseNOW prices vary by title, but rentals start at $3.99 and purchases start at $9.99. For more information on ShowcaseNOW please visit

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Showcase Cinemas is a world leader in the motion picture exhibition industry, operating more than 906 movie screens in the U.S., U.K., Argentina and Brazil under the Showcase, Cinema de Lux, SuperLux and UCI brands. With 26 theater locations in the United States, Showcase Cinemas delivers the finest entertainment experience, offering the best in viewing, comfort and dining. For more information about Showcase Cinemas please visit our website at

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