Mid-Atlantic BioTherapeutics Inks Deal with Wunderkind(TM) to Deploy Viral Outbreak Warning System (VOWS(TM)) - Venture Promises Rapid Deployment of COVID-19 Toolset

NEW YORK, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Mid-Atlantic BioTherapeutics (MABT) has engaged with New York-based technology firm Wunderkind, LLC to develop and deploy the Viral Outbreak Warning System (VOWS(TM)) platform. VOWS(TM) is an artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML)-driven technology system that will analyze a broad set of both public and private data in order to accurately identify viral infection hot zones and predict future outbreaks.

As all are now aware, viral pandemics represent a catastrophic medical, societal, and economic burden to humanity. Health security stakeholders such as healthcare systems, local and federal health agencies, insurance companies and NGOs have an urgent need for predictive algorithms that can better monitor potential viral outbreaks in order to mobilize effective prevention and treatment countermeasures.

There is an urgent global need right now for enhanced predictive surveillance. Resurgence of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 transmission is already evident as societies reopen, thus highlighting the value of implementing the VOWS(TM) platform as soon as possible to identify hot zones as they occur.

In order to meet this need, MABT and Wunderkind(TM) expect that the first working prototype of the VOWS(TM) platform will be available by late 2020.

VOWS(TM) will continuously ingest huge amounts of data from a diverse set of sources such as CDC, ClinicalTrials.gov, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmacies, PubMed, and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Where required, the data will be anonymized and protected utilizing trustless decentralized blockchain strategies.

Then, VOWS's proprietary AI analysis and interactive visualization tools will identify and correlate critical 'cause and effect' relationships between previously unconnected variables leading to disease and outbreak trends.

Although the current focus is addressing the essential needs of the moment, the VOWS(TM) platform has applications beyond the current pandemic. It will also be useful for surveilling influenza and other infectious diseases (e.g., Ebola, Marburg), future novel virus outbreaks, and even opioid-related events.

There is considerable excitement about VOWS's potential as a disease surveillance game-changer. Mid-Atlantic BioTherapeutics has received interest from a range of government and industry organizations looking to support the development and deployment of the VOWS(TM) technology.

Tammo Mueller, Co-Founder & CEO of Wunderkind, LLC commented, "We are very excited to work with Mid-Atlantic BioTherapeutics on VOWS(TM). As everyone is aware now, the potential benefits to identifying viral infection hot zones, and predicting future outbreaks cannot be overstated. We believe that our expertise in AI and Blockchain will allow us to rapidly deliver a first iteration of the platform."

David Jobes, Ph.D., Co-Founder & President of Mid-Atlantic BioTherapeutics noted that "It didn't take long for us to realize that Wunderkind was the right choice to be our VOWS(TM) technology partner. Not only do they have deep experience in various aspects of health technology, their expertise also includes leveraging AI to perform real-time identity resolution and infer patterns from deep and disparate datasets such as anonymous social media actions. They have the toolbox we needed."

About Mid-Atlantic BioTherapeutics
Mid-Atlantic BioTherapeutics (http://mabt.us) was founded in 2011 with the mission of eradicating infectious diseases. MABT is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the clinical development and commercialization of novel anti-infective approaches such as the patented IMT504 technology platform that harnesses the body's own immune response to fight off infections. The company is actively addressing the growing antibiotic resistance problems and creating a revolutionary treatment paradigm for viral diseases, emerging infectious diseases and biodefense.

About Wunderkind(TM)
Wunderkind(TM) (http://wunderkind.nyc) is a boutique technology consultancy and product studio that provides guidance and collaboration from the formulation of business and product strategies all the way to final implementation for a diverse set of clients in healthcare, data-driven marketing, commerce, finance, and digital transformation & AI. Wunderkind(TM) creates near- and long-term strategies for clients to stay ahead of marketplace disruption through the design and deployment of innovative solutions that utilize emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain.

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