Fiplex Launches FLEX(TM) Indoor Wireless Public-Safety Communications Platform

MIAMI, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Fiplex Communications, a venerable leader in true mission-critical solutions for indoor public-safety communications, today announced the launch and general availability of Fiplex FLEX(TM), a flexible and scalable in-building wireless platform which delivers the highest levels of performance, survivability and deployment efficiency to meet the requirements of Public Safety and Solutions Provider stakeholders. FLEX is the company's response to the rallying cry to innovate which Fiplex advocates in its recently published A Call to Action: Better Buildings, Better Business.

FLEX addresses performance and complexity challenges inherent to complying with stringent critical communications code requirements mandated by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) as well as economic barriers that encumber solutions providers from widescale penetration within the total addressable market. The platform's true mission-critical performance and software-defined configuration delivers field deployment flexibility that fosters a symbiotic win-win scenario: Better Buildings for AHJs and Better Business opportunities for Solution Providers.

"Public-safety communications has been the single most important initiative throughout my career and for many of my peers in the fire service," said Chief Tom Jenkins, Rogers (Ark.) Fire Department and past president and chairman of the board of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). "The mission to ensure indoor communications whenever and wherever needed must not be compromised."

"AHJs don't need RF engineering training. What they really need are solutions providers equipped with better performing, code compliant smart solutions," said Earl Lum, president, at EJL Wireless Research. "That means software-defined hardware platforms that make it more intuitive, easier and faster to design, procure and deploy these networks, and real world, mission-critical fire marshal acceptance test procedures to validate uncompromised performance verification."

The Fiplex FLEX Platform supports the Better Buildings and Better Business call to action by:

    --  Delivering solution flexibility to address any building, any
        jurisdiction any AHJ and any Solutions Provider
    --  Deploying true mission-critical performance under extreme real world
    --  Reducing the total cost of deployment by addressing all aspects of a
        project balance sheet

"FLEX was conceived to empower AHJs and Solutions Providers to achieve better buildings and better business outcomes," said Matias de Goycoechea, Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of the Board, at Fiplex. "It's not only the solution both stakeholders have long sought but, more importantly, the solution that we envision will help accelerate and scale the number of buildings that have enhanced indoor public-safety communications."

"The response so far to FLEX from AJHs and our strategic partners has been overwhelmingly positive. It's being embraced as a gamechanger," said Ron Pitcock, Chief Executive Officer, at Fiplex. "As one of the pioneers of the indoor public-safety communications industry, we're committed to setting the industry standard for fail-proof, critical communication solutions that make certain first responder and building occupant safety is never in jeopardy from a lack of communications and connectivity."

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About Fiplex Communications, Inc.
For over 30 years, Fiplex has been a leader in mission-critical solutions for indoor public-safety communications. The company's innovative and quality portfolio of BDA (bi-directional amplifier) and Fiber DAS (distributed antenna system) solutions deliver proven code-compliant performance and mitigate the complexity of designing, installing and managing wireless networks. With products successfully deployed in buildings and venues - including some of the busiest transit systems - within nearly 30 countries, Fiplex meets Public Safety's mission to ensure critical communications whenever and wherever needed, and is a valued and trusted partner of the wireless ecosystem.

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