New Packaging and Pricing for Award-winning Cloud Security Platform CloudPassage Halo

SAN FRANCISCO, June 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CloudPassage, a recognized leader in cloud computing security and compliance, announced new packaging and pricing options for its award-winning Halo cloud security platform, effective immediately. These new options give more companies the ability to put Halo's proven capabilities to work in a wider range of deployment scenarios with even better economics.

As the first mover in cloud workload security, CloudPassage has maintained a unique perspective on how the market category has evolved. Public cloud computing adoption by mainstream and mid-size enterprises has been accelerating for some time. This trajectory has surged in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting shift to remote-working models.

"The recent surge in cloud adoption and financial constraints associated with COVID-19 have left many information security teams struggling," said Carson Sweet, CloudPassage CEO and cofounder. "We're hearing stories about teams being crushed by accelerated cloud adoption plans, which have to be managed on top of existing security requirements--all while budgets and staff are being cut and attacks are on the rise. We're introducing permanent changes to our packaging and pricing models to help companies gain access to the automation they need and reflect our commitment to being a responsive cloud security partner."

Updated CloudPassage Halo Offers
CloudPassage's new Halo packaging and pricing is designed to make the platform accessible to a broader range of enterprises, even those operating under strict financial lock-down. Special onboarding and professional services offers are to assist companies with constrained team resources to get Halo deployed quickly and effectively with minimal effort. Existing customers should contact their CloudPassage account manager or customer success to discuss how they can take advantage of these new offers.

Halo Platform Editions and Service Rates

    --  Halo Essentials is designed for small to mid-sized cloud deployments
        with less complex organizational and operational requirements. Halo
        Essentials offers highly competitive list service rates for IaaS
        accounts, server workloads, and container environments, with additional
        discounts of up to 65% available.
    --  Halo Enterprise remains the go-to solution for very high-scale cloud
        deployments with complex organizations, operational workflows, and
        multiple integrations. Halo Enterprise list service rates have been
        reduced for IaaS accounts, server workloads, and container environments.
        Additional discounts of up to 85% are available.

More Flexible Subscription Options

    --  Halo Flex Licensing - CloudPassage now offers Flex Licensing for
        customers with fixed monthly budgets or with frequent shifts between
        server, container, and serverless workload quantities.
    --  Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) - Halo Essentials is now available as a monthly
        pay-as-you-go subscription, enabling companies to leverage Halo without
    --  AWS Marketplace Private Offers - Halo subscriptions are now available
        through AWS Marketplace private offers, making procurement faster and
        adding savings for customers with AWS enterprise agreements.

Special Onboarding Offers

    --  Free Initial Onboarding - CloudPassage is providing free initial
        onboarding for new Halo deployments through the end of 2020 in order to
        assist security teams with limited time to deploy a cloud workload
        security platform.
    --  Reduced Professional Services Rates - To assist teams who need
        additional Halo integration and customization, CloudPassage is offering
        deeply discounted rates on professional services through the end of

Why We Are Making These Changes
The economic impacts of COVID-19 will not be short-lived. We've barely begun to understand how our day-to-day activities will change and how a completely new way of living and working will impact how businesses operate. And the pandemic itself has not run its course. In this fog of uncertainty, there are two tenets that have already been recognized broadly:

    --  Cloud-centric technology strategies are critical for pandemic
        preparedness. Companies across the board are aggressively accelerating
        cloud adoption plans, both to mitigate the current crisis and prepare
        for the next one.
    --  Spending discipline is tighter than ever and will stay that way for the
        foreseeable future. Technology owners are under enormous pressure to
        reduce costs, negotiate more flexible purchasing terms, and consolidate
        products to maximize investment value.

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About CloudPassage
CloudPassage® safeguards cloud infrastructure for the world's best-recognized brands in finance, e-commerce, gaming, B2B SaaS, and digital media. The CloudPassage Halo® platform unifies security and compliance across servers, containers, and IaaS resources across any mix of public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Halo's extensive automation capabilities streamline and accelerate workflows between InfoSec and DevOps. CloudPassage is widely recognized as a cloud security pioneer, with ten patents granted since the first generation of the Halo platform launched in 2011.

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