Revitalizing a post-quarantine planet

SAN DIEGO, July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In just under 121 days, the environment has exhibited undeniable positive effects while the world locked down - a change that is noticeably refreshing, albeit fleeting according to experts, unless we make a committed effort to recalibrate our behaviors. Thus, ecoATM is launching 66 Days, a campaign to empower the nation to consciously learn and adopt simple changes to their everyday behaviors to become a new normal and assure this environmental relief is more than a mere blip in time.

The campaign includes 66 days' worth of unique tips on how to make the world greener, influencer-led engagements surrounding sustainable households, physical and mental fitness, gardening and more, as well as a company-wide promise to plant more trees, complementing the brand's foundational mission of reducing e-waste.

The green tech company is launching the campaign after experts have said that any positive change we have made to the environment during the coronavirus inflicted lockdown will be completely undone once we go back to "normal."

Christoph Meinrenken, research scientist at the Earth Institute at Columbia University says, "As a society, we need economic activity for food, jobs, health, travel and entertainment, and while shutting this activity can give temporary relief to the environment, this cannot be a long-term goal. Instead, we must progress to smarter, leaner, more environmentally conscious activities through circular economy concepts, such as recycling, which allows us to function by using less materials from the planet and producing less waste.

The 66 Days campaign will promote daily tips to inspire Americans to do something planet-positive every day for 66 days, which is how long it takes to fully form a habit, according to research*. Thought leaders from across the sustainable fashion, food and environmental spaces, will contribute engaging tips and tricks to fuel the 66 days. Participants will learn how to do a planet-friendly equipment-less workout, become an at-home 'maximalist' and more. Additionally, the reCommerce experts have partnered with Ecologi, committing to planting 10 trees every time someone trades in an electronic device during the duration of the campaign.

Yanyan Ji, Chief Marketing Officer at ecoATM adds, "While systemic changes are required to sustain any long-term environmental welfare, every person on this planet contributes to a greater whole. We realize that behavioral change looks different for everyone, which is why this campaign gives a collection of incremental entry points to assist with habit-building - all laddering back to the unifying, foundational goal of considering the planet and bringing it to the forefront of our daily actions. If we can drive even ten people to change their behaviors, and those ten people inspire ten more and so on, then imagine the domino effect of change that can occur."

Those seeking to participate in ecoATM's 66 Days campaign can follow along on Instagram @ecoatm and visit for more information.

"Nature won't care much about when we reopen the economy - but what kind of economy we seek, and what product choices each of us as an individual seeks, will make a huge difference, even after this temporary shutdown," Meinrenken concludes.


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