L-com Launches New LSZH and PVC, USB 3.0 Cables with Ferrite Beads

IRVINE, Calif., July 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- L-com, a preferred manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced today that it has released a new series of USB 3.0 cable assemblies with ferrite beads. Ferrite beads prevent interference from a connected device or to a connected device and help to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) from either being radiated by a cable or being received by a cable.

L-com's new USB 3.0 compliant cables with ferrites consists of six new cable families that are all in stock and available for same-day shipping. The U3A00084, 85 and 86-series cables feature low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) cable jackets for use in enclosed spaces and 30/24AWG cable.

The U3A00073 and U3A00074-series cables feature blue, PVC cable jackets and 28/26/22AWG cable. The U3A00090 cables feature a molded female Type-A jack on one end of the assembly and a standard Type-A male connector on the other end along with 28/26/22AWG cable and LSZH cable jackets.

"Our new USB 3.0 cables with ferrites offer an added level of protection for your data storage, video streaming and data acquisition applications. The integrated ferrite beads help reduce EMI, ensuring optimal signal performance," said Dustin Guttadauro, Product Manager.

L-com's new USB 3.0 cable assemblies with ferrite beads are all in stock and are available for immediate shipment.

About L-com:

L-com, a leading manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, offers a wide range of solutions and unrivaled customer service for the electronics and data communications industries. The company's product portfolio includes cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, antennas, enclosures, surge protectors and more. L-com is headquartered in North Andover, Mass., is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and many of its products are UL® recognized. L-com is an Infinite Electronics brand.

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