Eastman Chemicals Has Chosen SIGNiX As Their Remote Online Notarization Provider

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., July 23, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Eastman Chemicals is the latest major corporation to choose SIGNiX's remote online notarization (RON) software platform to complete notary transactions online as businesses continue to operate remotely during this period of crisis and accelerating business transformation.

The demand for RON has dramatically increased following nationwide legislation, regulations and executive orders allowing remote notarization to enable critical transactions in real estate and other businesses to continue. In addition to the safety, convenience and cost savings of RON, there are several compelling security advantages. Technology is used to validate identity credentials with far more certainty than a notary could with inspection. Documents notarized using SIGNiX are protected from even the slightest unauthorized alteration after the fact - protection which is simply not possible with paper documents. The SIGNiX RON platform also includes audio-video recording to capture video of all participants, providing undeniable proof of any attempted fraud.

According to SIGNiX CEO Jay Jumper, "Our eNotaryDoX product has allowed law firms and title companies to utilize their own notaries to complete business remotely, and independent notaries have been able to maintain and even expand their business opportunities. We are now seeing major enterprises in many other industries also taking advantage of the opportunities represented by RON."

About SIGNiX:
SIGNiX was founded with a mission to bring safe, secure digital signatures and eNotary solutions to highly regulated industries, including real estate, title, wealth management, financial services, government healthcare and life sciences. SIGNiX owns eight patents and is the largest cloud-based digital signature provider in North America.

For more information, please contact Pem Guerry at 423-305-7041, email pguerry@signix.com or visit the SIGNiX website at http://www.signix.com.