Experience ultimate driving pleasure with GAC MOTOR's new GS5

GUANGZHOU, China, July 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GAC MOTOR has just launched its globally popular GS5 in Saudi Arabia. Targeting young professionals and families, the GS5 has exuded charm in captivating a global consumer base. Launching in Saudi Arabia with a plan to expand to the Middle East, the GS5 is looking to provide great value to meet local needs for the modern consumer. As the largest automobile market in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is also the most mature automobile market with the highest demand. Built with the latest technology and quality materials, coupled with a trendy design and tailored to the needs of the younger generation, it is becoming popular in Saudi Arabia, where consumers are accustomed to high vehicle quality.

GS5's unique light and shadow aesthetic design concept was implemented to reflect beauty when in motion. The GS5 uses the 3.0 Flying Dynamics Grille design, which is connected with the headlight body, inspired by the shape of an eagle's wings. Matrix LED headlights and full LED taillights echo each other and at the same time outline the deep eyes to show the beauty of precision.

Saudi Arabia is home to many different terrains, ranging from hills to desert. The GS5 is equipped with the power combination of the 3rd-generation Ti POWER engine + Aisin 6-speed hydraulic automatic transmission to enable a smooth ride even in the most complex terrains. Containing over 166 horsepower and maximum torque of 265 Nm, the GS5 promises raw, unbridled power under its sleek design.

In addition, the chassis of the GS5 has been fine-tuned to give the driver full control and sensitivity throughout the car. The suspension has been thoroughly tested to provide adjustable comfort and good shock absorption in all driving conditions.

Saudi Arabia is a country that embraces the latest in excellent and cutting-edge technology and products. Owing to its excellent combination of technology and quality, the interior design style of GS5 is trendy and has a distinctive personality. While giving the driver a unique and dynamic driving space, it also provides passengers with a wide seating space. In addition, 10-way adjustable leather seats with ventilation memory function, air quality automatic control system and other comfortable configurations add character and flexibility to make it truly customizable.

The launch of GS5 by GAC MOTOR is an important step in the region. In the future, we will start with products, brands and after-sales services to jointly understand the needs of local consumers and bring them to the local market. Consumers will have more choices at competitive prices. GAC MOTOR looks forward to offering the best mobile lifestyles for Saudi consumers.

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