Journeying With Love - Heartfelt Stories of GAC MOTOR's Car Owners From Around The World

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GAC MOTOR recently released 4 touching stories of car owners on its channel, drawing widespread attention on social media. These stories of passion, life, family, and dreams have touched base with the audience. As viewers relate to the contents, strong feelings are stirred, reminding them to share love and communicate wonder to one another.

Passionate and Purposeful, a University Professor Pursues His Dreams of Cross-Country Driving

A university professor has fulfilled his long-time "cross-country dream", with the help of GAC MOTOR. While others see him as a stoic academic, this professor has a passionate desire to seek out adventure. After owning GAC MOTOR's flagship SUV the GS8, he finally embarked on this journey. The professor has since influenced his friends to purchase three GAC MOTOR cars, and continues to evangelize the brand to those around him.

A Dedication of Love, Expressed in a Birthday Surprise for a Daughter

The mother of a 22-year-old girl who was about to graduate decided to buy her daughter GAC MOTOR's SUV the GS3, as a birthday present. After owning the GS3, mother and daughter have been enjoying driving the car.

Hitting His Soft Spot, An Environmentalist Makes a Green Choice

An environmentalist and his wife have always loved pursuing an active traveling lifestyle but want a minimal carbon footprint. Through GAC MOTOR's new-energy model the GE3, they are now able to pursue the seemingly conflicting goals of protecting the environment and doing what they love - driving to exotic locations on a whim.

A Choice of Love - Family Bonding Over Weekends

This particular family of four has bought a star model - the GS5. They are seen camping in the wild, frolicking on beaches, enjoying sunrises on mountaintops. Each memory is indelibly etched into their minds. The GS5 is not just a car to them, but an integral part of their family, accompanying them every step of the way.

More of such stories continue to be added, communicating the warm reception to the brand. It is this favorable response from car owners all over the world, which drives GAC MOTOR to continue its steady development and progress. All of these will lead to an even better journey with GAC MOTOR into the future - one that contains high-quality innovation, one that is driven with and by love.

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