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  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

Main target of Technoplast Prototyping Kft. is to offer a complex service for its costumers in the field of plastic production and metal processing.

The company specialises in design and production of parts by rapid prototyping using SLA, RIM and vacuum casting methods, tool making, production of injection-moulded plastic and metal parts in small and large series as well as mounting of complete equipment and machine units.

Fields of activities:

Complex services in the field of processing plastic materials:

  • design
  • rapid prototyping
  • manufacturing of injection moulding tools
  • processing of plastic materials


  • forging, casting and sheet-shaping tools
  • low- and high-volume manufacturing of parts



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Contact info #1

Gabor Zai
+36 46 533 363
Production Manager
+36 46 533 362
H-3540 Miskolc, Vasgyari ut 43., Hungary


Technoplast produces electrical connectors of individual construction by rapid prototyping in small and large series for testing equipment of engines and transmissions.

The assortment of materials offers a wide range of solutions according to the actual task with following features:

  • materials like PP, PPS, PEEK, ABS, PA, POM, PMMA, PS
  • rubberlike materials from Shore A 25 to Shore A 95 hardness
  • heat resistance even up to 150 oC
  • use of materials with high heat stability or flameproof materials
  • materials with high electric resistance
  • UV-proof materials
  • glass-fibre reinforced materials with enlarged strength

Product informational files


Technoplast produces injection moulding parts for the automotive and the medical industry.

The company has more than twenty-five years experiences in this field.

We have 11 Battenfield machines. The clamping force are between 25-200 To. The maximum weight of the produced parts is:  520 gramm.

Reference: Flextronics, Delphi, BOSCH, TEVA


Technoplast Prototyping Ltd. has started small series and volume manufacturing of individually designed tool boxes, devices, construction jigs, testing cables.

Due to wide selection of our materials our products can be utilised at the most different operational conditions. They are used in automotive industry, electronics, precision engineering, health care and agriculture alike. Their special shape and dimensions, determined by clients' requests, allow different mounting possibilities too. In accordance to customer's requirements various connecting and operating parts can be developed.

Small series parts are being manufactured based on rapid prototyping technologies, with extremely short deadline. Utilised raw materials are manufactured by French company AXSON and have characteristics which correspond to characteristics of injection moulded materials.

Product informational files


Essence of the method is that in phase of development before starting series production Technolplast  manufactures a product having properties equal to the original part in a possible shortest time and at a possible lowest cost.

After completion of a 3D surface model the company produces a masterpiece by SLA laser technology and using this piece we produce plastic and rubber parts within hardness limits of 25-95 Shore by vacuum and RIM casting technologies.

French Axson material quality used is equal to or very similar to injection-moulded plastic parts.

Using additives glass-fibre reinforced, shock-resistant, flameproof, UV-stabilised features can be reached.

Parts manufactured by rapid prototyping are used first of all by automotive and electronic industry.

Mounting and mechanical tests are performed on these parts as well as first exhibited cars and other equipment are built from these parts.

Technoplast is using four different rapid prototyping processes:

  • SLA - Stereolitography
  • VACUUM CASTING - gravitational vacuum casting
  • RIM - low-pressure injection moulding
  • MOULDING - low-volume injection moulding

Technolpast is a first-level suppliers of the Hungarian AUDI, BOSCH, ZF, VALEO, of the Polish DELPHI and other German companies producing prototypes.

The company is a second-level suppliers of all European car factories and of the largest European suppliers of automotive and electronic parts. It also supplies more than 60 companies of automotive and electronic industry ( Audi, VW, BMW, Porsche, LEAR, Leoni, etc... ).

We have produced parts for Formula-1 racing cars of TOYOTA as well.

Complete mounted and working units and equipment are also produced (BMW air-conditioners)

We produce more than 45.000 pcs per year of various plastic prototype parts.


Programs used for the design of plastic and metal parts, tools and jigs: DELCAM, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, PRO-E, AutoCad.

Reference: AUDI Motor Hungaria Tool Factory


Machine List  
  Max.machining size  Tolerance
x y z
1. CNC milling machines        
CNC Working center                 STRIGON MC 1250 1600 950 600 +/- 0,04
MAHO DECKEL  103V 1000 800 600 +/- 0,02
FMC 1000 800 600 +/- 0,02
FIRST MCV-1000 1020 510 510 +/- 0,02
FIRST MCV-2000 2050 1150 760 +/- 0,02
2. CNC-turning machines        
GILDEMEISTER CT40+TOPPER BF-1500 400 540   +/- 0,02
FEINBAU PM1+TOPPER BF-1500 20 120   +/- 0,02
FEINBAU SNC-100+TOPPER BF-1500 125 250   +/- 0,02
FEINBAU SNC-100+TOPPER BF-1500 125 250   +/- 0,02
3. Horizontal milling machines        
TOS/W100 1100 1000 1500 +/- 0,05
4. Universal milling machines        
ØY251 700 250 350 +/- 0,05
 X8130 400 200 400 +/- 0,05
FUS 32 450 400 300 +/- 0,05
5. Grinding machines        
GM 35724 550 200 240 +/- 0,01
GM5030 500 300 200 +/- 0,01
GM 55032 750 Ø250   +/- 0,01
RSM 1000 1000 Ø250   +/- 0,01
 NUA-25 500 250 250 +/- 0,01
6. Universal  turning machines        
SCHALTE 1000/400 1000 Ø400   +/- 0,05
CA 6240 750 Ø400   +/- 0,05
SN 400 S 1500 Ø400   +/- 0,05
M 300 1000 Ø250   +/- 0,05
7. Boring machines        
 RF50/1600 1600 1000 1000 +/- 0,05
RF50/1000 1000 Ø 50   +/- 0,05
8. EDM  machines        
SINITRON AT-450 550 350 600 +/- 0,03
9. CMM Control  machines        
ETALON DERBY 454 470 570 400 0,003
10.Design equipment    


First-tier supplier and second-tier supplier:

  • Audi, Alphaform AG, Automotive Lightning, Bosch, BMW, Delphi, Lear
  • Denso, Leoni, Porsche AG, Decoma, Liebherr, Draxlmaier, Initial SA
  • Siemens AG, Seima, Montaplast, Dr.Schneider, Möller Tech, Woco
  • Visteon, New Holland, Jenoptik Jena, Carl Zeiss Oberkochen, SAI
  • Altenkirchner,Alfred Karcher, Genion, Borgware, Johnson, Sellner
  • Schefenacker, Webasto, Carl Zeiss Jena, Autoliv, Severin, Westfalia


Technoplast Prototyping Kft.

  • H-3561 Felsőzsolca, Bódva u. 7. , Miskolc, Hungary
  • +36 46 379 308
  • +36 46 402 523
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