Epson Announces Availability of New 3kg & 20kg LSB-Series SCARA Robots

CARSON, Calif., Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Epson Robots, the #1 SCARA robot manufacturer in the world, today announced availability of the new and improved LS3-B SCARA and LS20-B SCARA robots. Notable, new and improved features include batteryless encoder, a lower cable duct profile that is ideal for hard to reach work cell layouts, built-in camera cable for easy vision system setup, and new top-of-arm layout for enhanced usability. The previously announced (April 2019) LS10-B and LS6-B SCARA robots are both available and shipping at this time as well.

"Building upon Epson's leadership in SCARA robots, our LSB-Series SCARA robots offer a variety of opportunities for manufacturers searching for a low-cost, high-performance automation solution with great reliability," said Rick Brookshire, director of product management for Epson Robots. "We are continually improving our product line and the latest LSB-Series models ensure customers have additional flexibility and options to leverage maximum performance for their factory automation needs."

Epson's LS3-B SCARA robots are perfect for factories looking for maximum value without giving up performance. They are ideally suited for applications such as assembly, pick and place, kitting, dispensing, and more. The LS20-B SCARA robots are perfect for higher payload applications such as large component pick and place, machine load/unload, palletizing, mechanical assembly, industrial part transfer, and more. Epson's LSB-Series robots are used in automotive, medical, lab automation, electronical components, consumer electronics, and industrial markets. Both robots include Epson proprietary Quartz MEMS technology, a hardware and software system that combines force feedback and position for improved servo performance, thus reducing residual vibration. ISO 4 Cleanroom models are also available.

The new LS3-B SCARA robot has a payload of 3kg and a 400mm reach, while the LS20-B has a 20 kg payload and available reach of 800mm and 1000mm. The LS3-B comes in a new compact size with reduced cable height. Both models include a built-in camera cable, feature a new top of arm layout for easy equipment mounting, and are compatible with the new RC90-B controller, a single controller with wiring options for both PNP and NPN. Similar to other robots in the LSB-Series, the new models include a batteryless encoder designed to minimize downtime and help reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Key Features

    --  Powerful performance with minimal overshoot -- powered by Epson's
        proprietary Residual Vibration Technology
    --  Easy to use -- intuitive and feature-packed Epson RC+® development
        software makes it easy to create powerful solutions
    --  Outstanding acceleration/deceleration rates -- smooth start/stop motion
        to optimize cycle times
    --  High-speed cycle times -- for maximized part throughput
    --  The LS3-B -- ideal for high precision, small part assembly with a
        payload of 3kg and a reach of 400mm
    --  The LS20-B -- ideal for high payload and high inertia applications with
        reaches of 800 and 1000mm
    --  Integrated options -- vision designed specifically for robot guidance;
        parts feeding, field bus solutions, RC+ 7.0 API software for open
        platform functionality, teach pendants and customizable GUIs
    --  ISO 4 Clean models available -- for critical dust-free environments
    --  Easy setup -- built-in camera cable for optional vision system,
        efficient top-of-arm electrical and pneumatic layout with screw holes
        for additional equipment mounting
    --  No battery required for encoder -- designed to minimize downtime and
        eliminate the cost for battery replacement and installation

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(1) Epson internal sales data through 2019.

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