2 Assisted Living Operators Choose CarePredict's AI-Powered Solution to Provide Quality Senior Care

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The demand for CarePredict's innovative senior care technology continues to grow as two more assisted living providers sign multi-year agreements with the digital health company. Columbia Cottage Assisted Living, owned by Horst Group, Inc. and Lighthouse Personal Care Homes, join the list of senior care providers signing up to use CarePredict's solution that enables preventive care and enhances resident safety.

CarePredict uses an award-winning smart wearable, Tempo(TM), to autonomously collect the activity, location, and contextual data of seniors. The system uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced kinematics algorithms to learn each resident's daily activity and behavior patterns. It then alerts staff to deviations in these patterns that can signal a wide range of potential health concerns, allowing them time to intervene before the condition escalates. Communities using CarePredict have reported as much as 40% lower hospitalizations, a 64% reduction in falls annually, and a 67% increase in the length of stay.

"CarePredict's state-of-the-art technology creates the perfect balance to our home-like atmosphere at Columbia Cottage," said Jim Burnham, President, Horst Management Services. "What is most appealing about the solution is that it is a single platform that meets the needs of residents, staff, and management."

The Tempo wearable is packed with features that enhance the resident experience, such as RFID integration for keyless door access, concierge button, and the two-way voice communication that allows residents to speak to staff, thus helping residents receive timely assistance.

Additionally, staff can use CarePredict's app to coordinate care and seek assistance through the app's voice and group chat functionality.

CarePredict's precise indoor location technology provides real-time and historical location insights that facilitate faster staff response times, improved care coordination, and enhance workforce distribution. Location insights are also used in CarePredict's digital contact tracing solution, PinPoint, to help stop the spread of infections like COVID-19 in senior living communities.

"There are so many amazing features with CarePredict; it's hard to name just one. As a Residential Assisted Living operator of a memory care home, our residents' safety is paramount," said Dana Robinson RN, Administrator, Lighthouse Personal Care Homes. "CarePredict's real-time geofence alerts for wandering and elopement risks keep our residents safe while maintaining their independence."

"No matter the size of the community or the type of care being provided, there has been an increase in momentum towards being a technology-enabled community," said Satish Movva, CEO & Founder, CarePredict. "We are thrilled that CarePredict is the choice of many innovative operators in their quest to drive efficiencies and deliver superior care in these challenging times."

To learn more about CarePredict's AI-powered, preventive solution for your senior living community, visit www.carepredict.com, or email sales@carepredict.com.

About CarePredict
CarePredict's mission is to help caregivers take timely action by detecting a senior's activity and behavior patterns that are precursors to health declines. Based on the science that shows changes in daily activity behaviors precede health issues in seniors, CarePredict's award-winning smart wearable, Tempo(TM) autonomously observes these activity patterns, and the system alerts professional and family caregivers on changes before something happens.

CarePredict's latest offering, PinPoint, the automatic contact tracing solution for senior care, helps facilities stop the spread of infections by quickly identifying all the people and places exposed to an infected person.

CarePredict is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Menlo Park, CA.

For more information, visit www.carepredict.com, email info@carepredict.com.

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