WellQuest Senior Living Selects CarePredict's AI-Powered Solution to Improve Resident Safety and Engage Their Workforce

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On the heels of its recent announcement of new relationships with four senior living providers, CarePredict, the leading digital health and remote monitoring company for senior care, has signed multi-year agreements with WellQuest Living. CarePredict will initially be rolled out to WellQuest of Elk Grove and WellQuest of Menifee Lakes, both in California, followed by a new community slated to open in 2021.

The CarePredict solution uses an award-winning smart wearable, Tempo(TM), artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced kinematics algorithms to learn each resident's daily activity and behavior pattern. The system identifies and alerts staff when a resident's activity level deviates from their "normal" pattern. The platform can recognize a wide range of potential health concerns enabling preventive care. Communities using CarePredict typically see a 40% lower hospitalization rate and a 69% reduction in annual fall rates.

For residents, Tempo provides the ability to open doors with keyless access control, provides a concierge services button, and two-way voice communication that allows residents to speak to staff, helping them receive timely assistance.

"CarePredict's solutions have been purpose-built to address specific challenges of senior care," said Dean Mattsson, President, WellQuest Living. "Like Tempo's two-way voice functionality that allows staff to speak directly with residents. It reassures residents that we are working on their request and helps our team to prioritize care for the most urgent needs. Using CarePredict allows us to focus on our residents' individual needs while empowering our staff with tools to provide timely, unparalleled care."

In addition, CarePredict offers workforce productivity insights to facility operators, including the time to respond, automated documentation of care services provided, and automatic tracking for time caregivers spend with residents in direct care. The use of CarePredict's location-based insights has improved facility staff response rates by 37%.

WellQuest Living will also implement CarePredict PinPoint, an automatic digital contact tracing solution for effective infection control. PinPoint is specifically designed to help communities stop the spread of infections like COVID-19 in high-risk settings like nursing homes and senior living communities. Using PinPoint, staff can identify within seconds all the people and places exposed to a suspected carrier.

"We are thrilled to be chosen by a highly innovative senior living company like WellQuest Living," said Satish Movva, CEO & Founder, CarePredict. "The senior care landscape is rapidly changing, and today, more than ever, there is a dire need to augment human-based care with technology-enabled care."

To learn more about CarePredict's AI-powered, preventive solution for your senior living community, visit www.carepredict.com, or email sales@carepredict.com.

About CarePredict

CarePredict's mission is to help caregivers take timely action by detecting a senior's activity and behavior patterns that are precursors to health declines. Based on the science that shows changes in the daily activity behaviors precede health issues in seniors, CarePredict's award-winning smart wearable, Tempo(TM) autonomously observes, and the system alerts professional and family caregivers on these changes before something happens.

CarePredict's latest offering PinPoint, the automatic contact tracing solution for senior care, helps facilities stop the spread of infections by quickly identifying all the people and places that were exposed to an infected person.

CarePredict is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Menlo Park, CA.

For more information, visit www.carepredict.com, email info@carepredict.com.

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