Huobi Global announces that JUST (JST) Rallies 55.45% in 15 Mins after listing

LONDON, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Huobi Global announced the JUST (JST) token listing.

The JST deposit was available at 5:00 UTC on August 11(th), 2020. The trading platform will also support three trading pairs JST/USDT, JST/BTC and JST/ETH an hour later at 6:00 UTC.

According to Poloniex research, JUST is a stablecoin project on the TRON Network. It aims to provide a fair and decentralized finance platform for users worldwide. Users can mint stablecoin USDJ by depositing TRX assets as collateral in a smart contract. Project is governed by JUST community members based on the number of JST they hold. Proposals are voted upon and determined by the whole ecosystem.

As of 7:00 UTC on August 11(th),

    --  JST price marks $0.09
    --  JST pops up by 55.45% percent in just 15 mins.
    --  The jump comes after Huobi Global announces that it is listing JST pairs
        on its trading platform.

Huobi Global Supports JUST (JST) Airdrop Programme to New Registered Users & Risk Control

Huobi has confirmed the support for the 7.8 million JUST (JST) Airdrop programme.

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SOURCE Huobi Group