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Arabian Computer Systems (ACS), is a leading Kuwait-based IT solutions provider and  Systems Integrator, with a proven track record implementing end-to-end IT solutions across many industry verticals. With its global partners, ACS uses industry-leading products, applications and methodologies to engineer cost-effective and reliable solutions for its customers, backed by quality technical support. The highly skilled and experienced team at ACS works closely with its customers, understanding their challenges and the unique constraints they face, and create solutions that are delivered on time, within budget and are designed to scale for future growth.

ACS was founded in 1993 by a team of technologists who foresaw the inevitable paradigm shift in the way businesses operated in an increasingly connected and global market, and the opportunity to create value by helping companies leverage information technology to beat competition and accelerate growth.

The company's unwavering focus on customer satisfaction is reflected on how it acts as a single window of responsibility when it comes delivering IT solutions, as hardware, networking or software applications. To this end, the company has an on-going program with its partners and suppliers that helps to keep it abreast with changes in technology and products. This means that its customers are not locked into any particular vendor - the company can integrate products from a variety of vendors into reliable, best-of-breed solutions.

Over the past decade, ACS has developed a repository of best practices in IT services that helps ensure a consistently high quality of delivery. Its expert staff knows how to help clients, ensuring that systems and networks are highly reliable and available.


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Ayyoob Kachery
+965 2 243 8956
Manager - Business Development
+965 2 240 5499
7th Floor, Altaf Complex, Abdullah Al-Mubarak Str., Kuwait

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Tawfee Al Omar
+965 2 243 8956
General Manager
+965 2 240 5499
7th Floor, Altaf Complex, Abdullah Al-Mubarak Str., Kuwait

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Abdul Salam
+965 2 243 8956
Office Administrator
+965 2 240 5499
7th Floor, Altaf Complex, Abdullah Al-Mubarak Str., Kuwait

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Bharath Kothari
+965 2 243 8956
Senior Business Dev. Manager
+965 2 240 5499
7th Floor, Altaf Complex, Abdullah Al-Mubarak Str., Kuwa


ACS offers its customers advanced IT services that add measurable value to their business proposition. There are a range of pre-packaged services to choose from, or based on clients' unique needs. With over a decade of experience in IT infrastructure management and services, ACS can guarantee a fast turnaround time on implementations regardless of the nature of the requirement.

ACS has qualified, skilled and experienced personnel ensuring clients with the best service round the clock.

IT Operations: ACS offers its customers on-site help desk facilities, and provides skilled engineers and technicians specially trained to integrate seamlessly with the customer’s team to ensure smooth operations.

The company deploys highly trained individuals who are able to operate independently, and to think from the customer’s perspective and act to the best interests of the customer. ACS supports them with the insight and technical expertise of its experienced senior consultants who are always available to assist them.

The Resident Engineer service involves ACS staff reporting directly to the clients' site/office, and working to ensure smooth and efficient IT operations, identifying and resolving problems early on and catering to the future IT needs of every organization.

IT Consulting: ACS has always understood that in any industry vertical or business domain, success lies in deploying and leveraging IT infrastructure and manpower on the basis of a thorough understanding of its operational model.

To this end, ACS has constantly strived to understand in depth not just the immediate requirement of our customers, but also the broader context of their business domain in order to provide best fit solutions.

The company's IT Consulting wing is tuned to quickly grasp the nuances of any business domain in the shortest time possible, understand the exact requirements and predict the future trends and their implications on the business and its IT infrastructure.

In an industry where obsolescence is just round the corner, ACS identifies the methodologies, technologies and trends that are likely to have maximum success and lifespan.

Megapixel Construction Camera Managed Service (MCCMS): The MCCMS system is an integrated, professional-grade, high definition digital webcam system designed specifically for the requirements of the construction industry. It comes as a turnkey package including hardware, software, image hosting, website hosting and technical support. The MCCMS systems broadly have two types of transmission medium- Wired & Wireless. The MCCMS webcam captures a picture every 10 to 15 minutes and automatically connects to the Internet via the wired or wireless connection, sending the digital images to the MCCMS Storage farm. The standard image uploaded by an MCCMS camera can be 6/8 mega pixel digital image. At 6 MP resolution the images are up to 90 times larger than other webcams.

The user can visit their designated account MCCMS project website and can begin viewing project images. Access to the specific cameras may be password protected or open to the public, depending on the client's preference.

IT-enabled Buildings: ACS provides Broadband Internet for residential apartments.


ACS offers its customers a wide range of products and services. Its team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians, contribute to the company's ability delivering solutions across the entire spectrum of IT requirements for any business.

The company offers:

  • IT Infrastructure,
  • Wireless Communication,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Internet Access Solutions - Multi-WAN Routers - QoS & Bandwidth Management - Network Security Gateway,
  • Smart Buildings,
  • IT Security,
  • Closed Circuit TV Surveillance Systems (CCTV),
  • Real-time Location System (RTLS) services.


Since its inception, ACS has always put its clients' interests first and continues to reap the benefits of this simple, no-nonsense approach to doing business. The company's clients will gladly vouch for its technical ability, timeliness of delivery and value for money.

Arabian Computer Systems (ACS)

  • 7th Floor, Altaf Complex, Abdullah Al Mubarak Str., Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 243 8956 / 7
  • +965 2 240 5499
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