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ASTILLEROS Y SERVICIOS NAVALES S.A. (ASENAV) is a shipbuilding company established in 1973 and dedicated to the construction of roll on/roll off ferries, patrol boats and industrial fishing boats for the Chilean navy.

The experience gained from nearly a century of building ships and the technological impetus provided by German immigrants, inspired the naval architect and mechanical engineer Eberhard Kossmann to establish the company in 1972.

Until November 2012, ASENAV had successfully delivered more than 170 vessels of different types to the Navy of Chile implementing state-of-the-art technology and advanced engineering processes.

ASENAV has the support of an advanced design and engineering department and high qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to the design and development of vessels. Additionally, the Company has been working in close collaboration with some of the world’s leading maritime design and engineering companies, such as Rolls-Royce Marine, Moss Maritime, Burness and Corlett (Australia), Wartsila Ship Design Norway, Neptun Stahlkonstruktion and Neptun Engineering for construction of vessels for international customers.

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Astilleros y Servicios Navales S.A. (ASENAV)

  • Cerro El Plomo nº 5855 Of. 507, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
  • (56-2) 27189400
  • (56-2) 27189445
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