Imperium Data Networks 2020 Startup Business of the Year Awards

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- This award highlights outstanding startups from 2020 that went above and beyond in the business world in such a trying time. This year has presented so many challenges, but Imperium Data Networks has not only survived but thrived, including expansion throughout it all. Being a finalist provides the opportunity for recognition throughout the community for their outstanding accomplishments.

"Being nominated for the 2020 Startup Business of the Year Award has been surreal. It is a true reminder that hard work and dedication do not go unrecognized, so on behalf of all of Imperium Data Networks, we would like to thank Tampa Bay Chambers for being considered. We hope to continue to grow in the coming year and continue to help grow the technology industry, making our clients' lives easier to navigate." - Nick Scarsella Imperium Data Networks Managing Director

Imperium Data Networks is a reseller of IT and Telecommunication products that connect their customers with their best technology fits and filling the needs of both customer and technology equipment companies. Imperium believes that no matter the industry, customer service is the only real thing a company has to offer. Products and services are offered and found elsewhere. Customer service is what sets Imperium Data Networks apart.

"We pride ourselves not only on our colleagues, customers, and partnerships, but also our dedication to our customers. We offer a lifetime warranty on our equipment to ensure ultimate satisfaction for our customers. Our catalog of products and services ranges from providing desktop telephones to data center firewalls." - Imperium Data Networks

Imperium Data goes beyond this, though, and has been split into three parts: Networks, Consulting, and Services.

Who is Imperium Data Networks: Imperium Data Networks is a reseller of IT and Telecommunications products. We pride ourselves on customer care and our expert knowledge in the technology industry. We believe that our customers rarely want just to buy technology, preferably a whole solution that can resolve their individual needs quickly and efficiently. We want to fill that need so that our customers are the winners.

Who is Imperium Consulting: Transparency, Listening, Urgency, and Expectations. The keys to success and creating a beneficial partnership in Imperium's eyes. Imperium Consulting strives to create win-win solutions between the client and the candidate in the best possible position to succeed.

Who is Imperium Services: Imperium Services prides itself in providing proactive managed services for; infrastructure, end-user systems, security, wireless, remote management, help desk, and cloud services. Imperium services expertise is in engineering, installation services, and professional services.

We are looking forward to the awards and thanks again to The Tampa Bay Chambers for this opportunity.

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