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  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

WIETPOL AEROSPACE is a medium-sized company based in Krosno, Podkarpacie, a town with aviation tradition.

The company offers the following services:

  • CNC and conventional machining for aircraft, power, oil, building and furniture industry/turning, milling, grinding/ type of materials such as: steel, titanium, inconel, chrome-nickel, aluminium, toughened steel (CNC turning in range Ø 650x1200; CNC milling of parts in range of 850x700x650 - 4 axis machines; CNC milling in range of 3050x1900x1550 - 3 axis machines; CNC turning in range of Ø 280x570 with axis Y)
  • Machining of pressure flanges for oil industry
  • Production of screws, nuts and piston gas rings
  • Electroplating: zinc coating (galvanizing pot dimensions: 3300x1400x800), zinc coating in drums (600xS 400), soft anodizing of aluminium (anodizing pots dimensions 3200x600x900), colourful anodizing pots 3200x400x450
  • Deburring of civil and military aircraft parts
  • Engineering tooling production: milling, turning, electroplating, tooling for special processes and for individual customer order
  • Production of small metal constructions
  • Welding: TIG and MIG methods
  • Measurements using CMM measuring machine DEA Global Status: x700, y 1000, z 500
  • Computer-aided engineering using CATIA V5R18
  • Laser cutting services: table dimensions 2500x1250 for black steel ≠ 20, for steel K/O ≠10
  • Spray painting
  • Products marking (electrochemical and percussive methods)

WIETPOL AEROSPACE is EN/AS 9100 as well as EN ISO 9001 certified.

Wietpol Aerospace

  • Jasionka Airport 926, 36-002, Jasionka, Poland
  • +48 134 376030
  • +48 134 376031
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