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The global pharmaceutical blister packaging industry is projected to witness growth in the coming years; however, manufacturers will face various challenges. The pharmaceutical blister packaging market is highly competitive, and manufacturers are faced with the issue of developing primary packaging components that are compatible with certain chemical components in the drugs. These challenges have led to manufacturers suffering a significant setback in terms of losses and low return on investment. Infiniti’s industry experts provide pharmaceutical blister packaging manufacturers with a subscription to our knowledge store and access to our team of industry analysts. This helps companies gain customized insights on-demand, and forecast opportunities and risks. To leverage our expertise in the pharmaceutical blister packaging market and gain access to critical market insight from our team of industry analysts, request a free proposal.

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The Key Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Market (Graphic: Business Wire)

The Key Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Market (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Although the global pharmaceutical blister packaging market is projected to witness growth over the coming years, pharmaceutical blister packaging manufacturers are experiencing a tragic setback in terms of losses faced and low return on investment. Owing to such challenges, pharmaceutical blister packaging manufacturers will need to find new ways to improve productivity while managing production costs,” says a pharmaceutical blister packaging market expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

Due to the high sensitivity of certain elements in drugs, a pharmaceutical blister packaging manufacturer based out of Luxembourg was facing challenges producing the compatible primary packaging components. This led to a decline in the sales rate, and an increase in customer churn. The client also sought to innovate to avoid falling behind the competition and combat the onslaught of counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical blister packaging market. Additionally, the client wanted to focus on strategies for expanding their business operations and become more conscious about clients’ needs and preferences. Therefore, the client approached Infiniti’s research experts to leverage their expertise in offering cloud-based subscription services, providing on-demand access to thousands of research studies, and providing on-demand access to thousands of research studies on new and emerging markets.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s research experts developed a comprehensive approach to assist the pharmaceutical blister packaging manufacturer. The approach included the following:

  • Recommending subscription to Infiniti’s knowledge store and providing unlimited access to their large team of specialists
  • Conducting a competitive intelligence study and providing profiles of players developing blister packs for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Developing KPIs and evaluating information to provide recommendations to gain a competitive advantage
  • Validating information procured through open-ended discussions with industry experts

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Business Outcome:

With access to Infiniti’s knowledge store, the pharmaceutical blister packaging client was able to take advantage of emerging opportunities. The client was also able to easily communicate with industry analysts for data updates and customized research information. The client was also able to focus on developing primary packaging components compatible with chemical components in drugs. The pharmaceutical blister packaging client signed new deals with leading pharmaceutical companies in Luxembourg, drive sales, and increase profits by 23%.

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