A New Article Presents The Penalties For Driving Without Insurance

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Compare-autoinsurance.org has launched a new blog post that presents the most common penalties drivers can face if they are caught driving without car insurance.

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Except for New Hampshire, all states require drivers to carry car insurance. Driving without insurance is a huge mistake and drivers caught without it can face severe penalties:

    --  Traffic fines. Typically, traffic fines are the most commons penalties
        applied to drivers caught without insurance for the first time. Traffic
        fines value differ greatly from one state to another. The smallest fine
        for a driver caught without insurance is $25 in the state of Tennessee
        and the highest is $5000 in the state of Massachusetts.
    --  Car Impoundment. The police can decide to have a vehicle towed and
        impounded if a driver is caught without insurance. If that happens,
        drivers will have to act quickly, if they want their cars back. Some
        impoundment lots will only wait three days before they will auction the
        confiscated vehicles. To stop that from happening, drivers will have to
        pay the fine, provide proof of coverage and pay the impoundment lot
    --  License suspension. Besides having to pay a hefty fine, drivers caught
        without insurance will have their license suspended in most states. To
        get their license back, drivers will have to pay the fine and the fees
        to have the license reinstated. Also, drivers caught without insurance
        will have to carry an SR 22.
    --  Jail. This is the harshest punishment that drivers caught without
        insurance can face in the states where driving without insurance is
        considered a misdemeanor. This type of punishment vary from one state to
        another and it can be as small as 10 days in jail or it can be as harsh
        as 1 year in jail.

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