'Sellerly' by SEMrush Releases New Tools and Becomes a Comprehensive Toolkit for Amazon Sellers

BOSTON, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SEMrush, a leading online visibility management SaaS platform, today announced the release of Traffic Insights and Listing Quality Check, two new tools for Sellerly, a comprehensive toolkit for Amazon marketplace sellers. The Sellerly toolkit, now composed of four tools, enables users to improve the performance of product listings on Amazon by auditing and optimizing listing content, monitoring changes within listings, and analyzing traffic channels of competing products.

SEMrush Chief Strategy Officer Eugene Levin commented, "In 2018, SEMrush envisioned offering Amazon marketplace sellers a comprehensive toolkit for increasing the visibility of Amazon listings. Despite the complexity of the Amazon platform, we believed that our knowledge and experience in digital marketing and SaaS development would allow us to create something different from other tools, with a broad view of the factors that influence the visibility of our users' Amazon listings. Last year, we launched 'Sellerly' with a single tool, and today, we expanded our offering to help our users improve the performance of their product listings on Amazon. Our tools are designed to influence visibility, traffic, and conversions - providing simple metrics that can have a measurable effect on the revenue of each product."

With this new release, Sellerly includes the following tools:

    --  Traffic Insights - Helps sellers find new customer sources by evaluating
        and comparing the external traffic channels of a product listed on
        Amazon, so users can more clearly identify opportunities for scaling
        their business.
    --  Listing Quality Check - Audits listing content for potential suspension
        threats and Amazon guideline compliance and provides actionable tips on
        improving listing performance.
    --  Listing Protection - Monitors listings of sellers' own or competing
        products and alerts users via email or SMS about losing the 'buy now'
        box, positions for keywords, listing suppressions, or if the price of
        the product has been changed.
    --  Split Testing - Runs automated split testing of product pages, so
        sellers can determine which parameters perform better for their listings
        based on live test data.

Sellerly's initial launch allowed SEMrush to build a community of Amazon sellers and experts, so alongside these new tools, the company launched a blog on sellerly.com that gathers expertise and provides sellers with strategies and insights.

"The sellers' community has been a great source of ideas for our development; we really appreciate all the feedback that we have received, and we intend to continue involving our users in future releases and content creation," added Eugene Levin.

For more details, please visit Sellerly.com.

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