Olive Bolsters Leadership Team, Adds Cybernetics Division

U.S.A., Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Hospital Association estimates that hospitals and health systems will experience an additional $120.5 billion in financial losses through the end of 2020. Leaders report prioritizing technology development over physical growth in order to streamline operations and support employees, in turn mitigating operational pressure and financial uncertainty. In response to this demand, Olive today announced the expansion of its cybernetics division and continued company growth.

Olive has appointed three new executives to lead further cybernetic development of the company's AI workforce: Rohan D'Souza, Mike Biselli and Tony Brancato. Their expertise will drive further expansion and development of Olive's AI workforce, which currently supports more than 600 hospitals across the country. Olive's team has grown to more than 360 employees this year.

The announcement comes on the heels of news that digital health has experienced record-breaking funding in 2020. Olive has seen massive growth and momentum, becoming a critical infrastructure piece for hospitals and health systems. Olive Helps, a new platform that leverages cybernetics to help healthcare employees work faster and smarter, was announced this week. In September, the company reached a landmark $157MM in funding across multiple rounds this year, and also announced a mission-critical application of their AI workforce to support COVID-19 testing at Tufts Medical Center.

Olive's cybernetics division will support the adoption of Olive Helps across the company's customers in 2021:

    --  Rohan D'Souza will take on the role of Executive Vice President and
        General Manager of Cybernetics. For more than a decade, Rohan has led
        product development teams at healthcare technology companies KenSci and
        eClinicalWorks, where he oversaw successful build-outs of various
        healthcare technology solutions. In his new role, Rohan will oversee
        day-to-day operations of the cybernetics division. Rohan is also a
        nationally recognized leader in the space of interoperability and a
        champion for the adoption of standardized API's across siloed health
    --  Mike Biselli is joining Olive as Vice President of Emerging Technology
        Partnerships. In his new role, Mike will focus on leading
        technology-focused collaboration as well as executing strategic
        partnerships that will drive Olive's revenue growth and costs savings.
        Mike is also the Partner/Owner of Catalyst HTI, a 180,000 square foot
        healthcare innovation campus located in downtown Denver. Prior to
        joining Olive, Mike spent the first 10 years of his career in the
        medical device industry and held an executive leadership position with
        BurstIQ, a blockchain platform that creates health profiles for people,
        places and things, and empowers the interactions between them.
    --  Tony Brancato has been named Vice President of Products for Cybernetics.
        As VP of Products, Tony will be responsible for the development of
        Olive's cybernetics solutions. Tony joins Olive with more than 20 years
        of experience in building and growing digital health,
        direct-to-consumer, and digital advertising businesses in leadership
        positions with Renew Health, Amazon, The New York Times, and Everyday

"We are excited to welcome Rohan, Mike and Tony to the team as we build our company's cybernetics division and create new innovations to address the needs of tomorrow's health systems," said Sean Lane, CEO of Olive. "They are instrumental as we continue to help healthcare employees work smarter and faster on the front lines of patient care."

To learn more about Olive Helps and to schedule a demo, visit www.olivehelps.com.

About Olive
Olive's AI workforce was built specifically for healthcare, automating high-volume tasks and workflows to make healthcare more efficient, more affordable and more effective. Olive's unparalleled wisdom across healthcare allows her to shine a new light on the broken processes that stand between providers and exceptional patient care. Olive draws on this wisdom to find new opportunities to improve healthcare - uncovering waste, tracking down efficiencies, and highlighting human potential with AI. She's all about improving healthcare operations today, so industry leaders can reinvent the future of healthcare tomorrow. To learn more about Olive, visit oliveai.com.

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