Technical Textile Market Data Service: Overview of the Global Man-made Fibre, Nonwoven and Technical Textile Industries -

The "Technical Textile Markets " newsletter from Textiles Intelligence Ltd. has been added to's offering.

Four times a year, Technical Textile Markets provides an overview of the global man-made fibre, nonwoven and technical textile industries.

It provides market data and analysis of new and established markets for technical textiles, and is essential reading for senior executives in (or supplying) the man-made fibre, nonwoven and technical textile sectors - as well as for those who are not involved in the industry on a day-to-day basis, but who need an authoritative source which helps them to quickly gain an understanding of the key issues facing the companies which are actively involved in this fast-growing sector.

So whether you are involved in man-made fibres, nonwovens or technical textiles - in manufacturing, converting, import/export, or end use - or if you are in education or consultancy or investment or finance - a subscription to Technical Textile Markets will tell you what you need to know about the key trends in the industry.

Delivery Includes:

Technical Textile Markets is available on subscription - either in printed format only or in printed and electronic format. If you choose the printed only option, you will receive 4 printed publications a year. Each issue contains five research-based reports and an editorial.

Reports in Technical Textile Markets include:

  • Company and country profiles - giving you the opportunity to learn from strategies employed by others, in terms of production, sourcing, import/export, infrastructure and development, and plans for the future.
  • Profiles of the world's top 40 producers of nonwovens - updated each year with details of developments from each of the leading producers, including acquisitions, investments and divestments, and analyses of trends which the "rising stars" are using to their advantage.
  • Statistical reports - including consumption data, by fibre and end-use applications. Regular updates are published for fibre consumption in Japan, the rest of Asia, the USA, and Western Europe.
  • Market sector information - analyses of important commercial end-user applications, and profiles of both established and emerging markets which take into account such innovations and developments as nanotechnology and intelligent textiles.
  • Regular updates on innovations in fibres, technical textiles, apparel and machinery - including developments in the following categories: fibres and yarns; technical textile fabrics for industrial applications; machinery; technical textiles for apparel; composites; other technical textile products; and technical textile treatments and finishes.
  • Reports on new technological developments and other topical issues - with clear, authoritative comments on their economic and commercial significance. The reports bring to your attention the key issues which you can use to develop your business, and provides contact details of useful organisations.

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