Signet International Holdings, Inc. & Florida International University Board of Trustees Announce Execution of Two Licensing Agreements

Chairman & CEO E.W. Letiziano announced that Signet and FIU have come to terms. The company now holds exclusive rights to two dynamic patented technologies. “Despite these critical times, we were able to draft two Exclusive Licensing Agreements; one, our Graphene deice technology; the other, our magnetic perpetual energy device. These Agreements give us the dynamics we need to elbow our way into the big boardrooms, resonate a new era and awaken the world,” says Letiziano.

“Our deIcing™ technology will eliminate the toxic waste we keep spewing in our water supplies. One application to an aircraft, a windmill, a motor will prevent ice. You no longer have to sit in a plane and watch that poison splash all over knowing that one day it may be what we will be drinking.

“Our InCharge™ magnetic battery device will deliver safety and clean emission-free power; a magnetic battery of perpetual energy. That means it recharges itself, instantly. You can drive your car without calculating miles or worry if the car, you and the soccer team will explode.”

Letiziano is unyielding and determined to be heard. He quips: “What else can be said? Our humanity must continue exploring safe care for our families and help our Mother Nature preserve us. Wake up my friends, make your days count…it’s time.”

Signet International Holdings, Inc. is a Public Company - otc symbol SIGN

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