Panasonic Releases New Software for Its Panasonic Logiscend System

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Panasonic today introduced the next-generation software for its Panasonic Logiscend System, a turnkey material flow management solution for complex, discrete manufacturing. Logiscend Software 2.0 is designed to support new hardware options and bring additional efficiency-boosting features to its paperless, industrial IoT solution. A new data visualization and analytics option, Panasonic Logiscend InSights Software, allows manufacturers to analyze trend data over time and across areas to maximize efficiency and improve operational processes.

"This latest version of Logiscend Software delivers features that will continue to make it easier for our customers to meet the material flow demands in modern manufacturing. They will benefit from enhancements designed to improve productivity, quality and cost," said George Daddis, vice president, Panasonic PIDSA-IIoTS. "Many improvements came directly from listening to customer feedback and understanding their production needs."

The software platform supports workflow capabilities including:

    --  Support for a large 7-inch Panasonic VIEW Tag that combines the
        trackability of RFID with the readability of an e-paper display. It
        joins the family of VIEW 3 and VIEW 4 Tags designed specifically for
        manufacturing environments. The larger display size will allow detailed
        operator work instructions to be delivered automatically based on
        material location. The Panasonic VIEW 7 Tag is expected to be shipping
        in Q1 2021.
    --  Extension of the Panasonic Logiscend Pick Application with a new
        workflow for line-side (point-of-use) picking. The flexible Pick
        Application can now be used in the warehouse, supermarket or line-side.
    --  Enhanced capabilities of the Panasonic Logiscend Replenishment
        Application, enabling tablet-based parts ordering as well as new manager
        dashboards that measure and display operator performance by shift.
    --  A new web-based Logiscend Work Instructions Application that eliminates
        paper-based work instructions and enables real-time instructions to be
        seen by the operator via a tablet or computer at their workstation.
        These instructions can be updated dynamically to meet the demands of
        changing orders or assembly information.
    --  Enhancements to the Logiscend Smart Container Application to enable
        users to aggregate assets into a job to be performed. Users can define
        attributes such as start/end timestamps, priority, and state (ready, not
        ready, hold, complete). An audit log will keep track of all the changes
        to the job for easy traceability and compliance tracking.
    --  LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integration, enabling IT
        administrators to set up, authenticate and maintain Logiscend user roles
        along with their other applications.
    --  GUI localization in Spanish, Japanese and Chinese to meet the needs of
        our global customers.

This version of Logiscend Software also provides the ability to maximize efficiency and improve operational processes by analyzing material flow data over time. The Panasonic Logiscend InSights Software is a web-based visualization and analytics option for the Logiscend Pick and Replenishment Applications. Performance can be assessed across shifts, areas, people and plants. Identification of trends becomes possible through easy-to-read dashboards that track important metrics and key performance indicators.

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Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America--IIoT Solutions (PIDSA-IIoTS):
PIDSA-IIoTS designs and manufactures the Panasonic Logiscend System. Logiscend is a turnkey, material flow management solution for complex, discrete manufacturing. The Logiscend system replaces paper-based material flow processes with a digital based solution--creating "smart materials." The solution utilizes a unique combination of software, wireless RFID and e-paper that helps manufacturers get the right parts to the right place at the right time, cost effectively and efficiently. Logiscend Software provides real-time visibility of the material flow on the factory floor and maximum flexibility for the plant manager to make changes as needed. Smart materials have two-way communication that broadcasts location, status and other information about the material to the software and can receive new instructions sent to the e-paper displays to be read by the operator. The system is a single but scalable solution with a suite of application modules for picking, replenishment, asset tracking, smart container management and work instructions and can be easily integrated with existing ERP and MES systems. To learn more, visit

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