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Defense-Lab is a business development and consulting company focusing on the U.S. and Israeli defense and security markets. Defense-Lab goal is to provide clients with the knowledge, expertise and tools to generate market exposure and reach their full business potential. Defense-Lab works closely with top management teams to develop tailor-made successful business solutions by mapping opportunities, forming strategic cooperation agreements and challenging existing models.

Finding your way in the complex sectors of defense and aerospace is a difficult task. Doing so successfully in a different country and culture makes it even more challenging. Helping Israeli and U.S. companies in one's other market is the inspiration behind Defense-Lab. The firm aspires to give clients the right tools and support to generate market exposure and develop their product and business potential, in the right way and with the right partners.

Headquartered in Israel, Defense-Lab bridges the gap between the private and public sectors through insightful analysis of needs versus constraints in today’s global markets. Defense-Lab works with customers, both multinational corporations and small and medium enterprises, to generate new business by conceptualizing new business models and leveraging the professional network. Defense-Lab is involved in various projects that combine technology, infrastructure, services and project financing.

Defense Lab brings together the end-users, industry, entrepreneurs and technology companies to generate and share ideas, understand needs and develop technology solutions.



  • 15 Mish’ol Aluma, 37808, Givat A’da, Israel
  • +972 (54) 8090-868
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