Pawp's Video Chat is the Perfect Digital Vet Solution for COVID-19

NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- We've all been there -- it's 2 am, your pet is acting a little strange and you're not sure what to do next. Enter Pawp: a 24/7 digital clinic for pets that connects you to an experienced vet in under 5 minutes. Pawp members can now text, call, or video chat with an expert, anytime, day or night, through Pawp's easy-to-use vet platform. No appointments required.

Pawp's state of the art clinic offers a personal touch to a pandemic-friendly telehealth solution, helping guide pet parents through their emergencies from start to finish. Aside from offering actionable advice and peace of mind in uncertain situations, Pawp vets also provide access to a $3,000 safety net for unexpected vet bills. That means Pawp members not only save big on avoiding unnecessary emergency vet visits in the short-term, but also save on preventative care in the long-term.

Pawp's emergency fund targets the 98% of pets in the US that are uninsured. Many pet insurance options have high monthly premiums, high deductibles, and limited coverage of preexisting conditions. With ER vet bills costing an average of $800-$1,500 per visit, pet parents are often forced to make difficult decisions. For just $19/month, Pawp keeps your pet protected in an emergency. Because no pet parent should have to go into debt trying to save their pets' lives.

Pawp provides revolutionary access to both veterinarians and funds in case of an emergency. This monthly plan addresses several common barriers to seeking veterinary care, including breakdowns in veterinarian-client communication, lack of client information, and cost of veterinary care. Pawp has finally closed the emergency coverage gap in pet insurance with a unique model that benefits pets and their owners. Check Pawp out today.

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