A Year In Voice - Learn About The 2021 Predictions In Voice Tech From VOICE Talks Presented By Google Assistant

ARLINGTON, Va. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Voice technology has boomed in 2020 ... so what's ahead? In the seventh episode of VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant, host Sofia Altuna and guests take a look at the acceleration in voice technology this past year and discuss predictions for 2021. Viewers will hear from a number of speakers from Google as well as experts such as Dr. Teri Fisher who has been dubbed "the voice doctor," Sachin Kumar, CTO at Tupelo and founder of Tech With Sach, and Eli Dawson, co-founder and CEO at StatMuse. Register to watch and become a part of the growing VOICE Talks community.

"In a year of myriad challenges, voice technology in 2020 has become even more vital-- from work and education to entertainment , cooking, gaming and more. And as we all have increasingly relied on voice, our voice tech community has flourished. We've seen how passionate this community is to share best practices and further develop voice tools to be even more accessible and inclusive for diverse audiences worldwide," said Sofia Altuna, host of VOICE Talks, which now counts nearly 92,000 subscribers and members since launching in April.

In addition to showcasing insightful viewer predictions in 2021 from all over the globe, the episode offers live demos for effortlessly using voice technology during the holidays -- like controlling a Christmas tree with smart plugs, following a latkes or potato pancake recipe for Hanukkah, tracking eating and exercise with the Nike Run Club or MyFitnessPal apps, and adding gift ideas to the shopping list.

Altuna kicks off the discussion with Danny Bernstein, Lilian Rincon, Baris Gultekin and Rebecca Nathenson from the Google Assistant partnerships and product management teams for an insiders chat about the evolution of voice with the brand and perspectives for the course going forward.

In the "Partner Conversation" segment, Naomi Makofsky, who heads Google Assistant's product partnerships, gives an overview on app actions and mobile partners, while Niranjan Kumar, who leads gaming partnerships for Google Assistant, dives into the role of interactive gameplay with voice in 2020.

In the "Product Spotlight," Altuna is joined by Eli Dawson, co-founder and CEO at the creative technology company StatMuse, and Cathy Pearl, Design Manager on Google Assistant, to examine advances in voice tech including in ML (machine learning), AI (artificial intelligence) and NLP (natural language processing).

Lastly, Dr. Terri Fisher, a physician, podcaster and author known as "The Voice Doctor;" Sachin Kumar, CTO at Tupelo and founder of Tech With Sach; and Leslie Garcia-Amaya, a global business development lead at Google; offer the "Ecosystem Update." They will trace where the voice tech community is likely heading in the digital era, and what to expect with the growing adoption of voice technology in 2021.

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About VOICE Talks:
Launched in March 2020, VOICE Talks is a monthly video conversation with experts about the state of everything "Voice" and has a global community of nearly 92,000 subscribers after just eight months. Each episode includes interactive conversations with experts, product deep dives, trends, and insights across voice technology. The program is hosted by Sofia Altuna from the Global Product Partnerships for the Google Assistant, and to date, topics covered include education, entertainment, accessibility and inclusion, building for the voice experience, how brands are using voice to talk to customers. This series is produced by Modev for Google Assistant. To learn more, please go to https://www.voicetalks.ai.

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