Mirion Technologies Acquires Dosimetrics in Germany

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Dosimetry Services Division of Mirion Technologies, a global provider of innovative radiation detection and measurement solutions (Mirion), announced today the acquisition of Dosimetrics GmbH in Munich, Germany. Dosimetrics is a leader in the development and production of OSL personal radiation dosimeters and dosimetry solutions, including readers, erasers, software, accessories, and automation systems. Dosimetrics will expand and broaden Mirion's dosimetry product and service offerings.

"Dosimetrics has created state-of-the-art OSL dosimetry technologies and solutions," says Lou Biacchi, President of the Mirion Dosimetry Services Division. "This combination of OSL expertise and enablement will further strengthen our ability to make world-class dosimetry products, services and solutions more broadly available."

This acquisition is consistent with Mirion's expansion plan focused on building its portfolio of industry-leading technology solutions. Together with Dosimetrics, Mirion will continue offering robust personal dosimetry products and services.

"The addition of Dosimetrics enables Mirion to offer a complete dosimetry solution to service providers, including new ring, eye and whole body dosimetry products featuring advanced BeOSL technology, as well as the industry-leading wireless Instadose dosimeter," says Bart LeClou, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Mirion Dosimetry Services Division.

For Dosimetrics, the acquisition benefits both the German-based company and its customers with the ability to leverage Mirion's wireless Instadose dosimetry solutions. In addition, closely collaborating with AWST, recently acquired by Mirion in April 2020, will enable increased development and operational excellence between the two German-based dosimetry innovators--helping to fuel a powerful center of excellence.

"Being part of Mirion Technologies enables us to expand our solution offering from the most advanced BeOSL technology and passive dosimetry system to the revolutionary Instadose on-demand smart monitoring dosimetry system, and everything in between," stated Reiner Esser, Managing Director at Dosimetrics. "The ability to serve new and existing customers with a broader portfolio is exciting. We are looking forward to the great possibilities that lie ahead."

Now part of Mirion's global Dosimetry Services Division, Dosimetrics will continue to operate as they have with the added benefit of Mirion's global expertise and innovative dosimetry solutions to expand the Dosimetrics reach and opportunities.

Mirion's flagship innovation, the Instadose®* dosimetry monitoring platform, eliminates the need to collect and return badges. Instadose dosimeters instead provide instant access to current and historical dose data, along with the ability to make account changes online within minutes.

*Instadose(®) dosimeters may not be accredited in all countries. Please call +800-251-3331 (in the USA) for more information about international availability.


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About Dosimetrics
Dosimetrics was founded in 2013 in Munich, Germany and produces dosimeters and dosimetry solutions for a range of customers. Dosimetrics is a service-oriented company that offers tailor-made solutions for their clients' specific needs. Dosimetrics is ISO 9001 accredited and is focused on providing superior customer service. For more information, visit http://www.dosimetrics.de/

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