Hyland launches Alfresco Collaboration Connector for Microsoft 365

CLEVELAND, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyland, a leading content services provider, launched the Alfresco Collaboration Connector for Microsoft 365, available on both the Alfresco Digital Business Platform and Alfresco Content Services. The Alfresco Collaboration Connector for Microsoft 365 helps organizations increase user productivity with seamless, real-time collaboration, both inside and outside the enterprise, ensure compliance with information lifecycle and government policies and improve user adoption by integrating tools necessary to user-specific jobs.

The new connector helps organizations avoid content silos by managing all Microsoft Office documents within the Alfresco platform, ensuring a single source of the truth and securely managing documents from creation to final destruction or archival. With a native integration between the Alfresco and Microsoft platforms, organizations receive the best of breed capabilities from both products, surfacing the right information at the right time to enhance user adoption and provide exceptional customer experiences.

The Alfresco Collaboration Connector for Microsoft 365 empowers end users with the following features:

    --  Use familiar Microsoft Office web applications to edit Word, PowerPoint,
        and Excel documents that are stored in Alfresco.
    --  Share Office documents with collaborators
    --  Co-author Office documents with collaborators in real-time.

"The native integration between the Alfresco and Microsoft platforms allows organizations to store and access content easily and cost effectively throughout the lifecycle, while maintaining the highest-levels of security to meet regulatory and compliance requirements," said Mo Ladha, VP of product management at Hyland. "Leveraging our cloud-native content services platform, users gain productivity improvements by collaborating on content seamlessly and simultaneously from the applications they are familiar with."

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform surfaces content where it is needed most - at the fingertips of those who need it. The open source, modern, scalable and cloud-native content services platform manages, protects and connects information to support and accelerate digital transformation strategies.

For more information about the Alfresco Collaboration Connector for Microsoft 365, visit Alfresco.com.

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