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FEBUS Optics brings a new generation of fiber optic sensing-based solutions to the market using DAS, DTS and DSS.

From OEM supplier to turnkey solution provider, FEBUS benefits from high adaptability and many years of experience to provide on-custom, high-performance equipment and a large panel of on-site services. Our patented technologies, our Test Center and our highly skilled personnel offer solutions to our clients for:
- Defense and Intrusion Detection,
- Pipeline Monitoring,
- Umbilical and Power Cables Integrity Monitoring,
- Seismic Surveys and Natural Hazards Monitoring,
- Structural Health Monitoring,
- Well Monitoring.

FEBUS Optics is the only manufacturer that produces all the distributed optical fiber sensing systems: DTS, DSS and DAS.
FEBUS brings robustness, performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness in all its monitoring solutions for a real-time surveillance system of infrastructures.
Thanks to continuous innovation and strong R&D team, FEBUS Optics' technologies bring several advantages on-site like:
- high-speed measurements: fastest distributed optical fiber measurement available,
- very long range measurements: more than 100 km (more than 200 km using a repeater)
single-ended devices: need to plug only one end of the optical fiber cable, allowing an easier on-site deployment
standard fiber optic cables: possibility to use already existing optical fiber.

FEBUS Optics

  • Technopole Helioparc, 2 Av. Président Pierre Angot, 64000 Pau, France
  • +33 (0)5 64 27 07 43
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