FlexRule Recognized by Everest Group for Decision Automation

MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FlexRule, a leading provider of end-to-end decision automation platform, has been recognized by Everest Group in its report on Enterprise Process Orchestration for decision automation. This report discusses the adoption of Intelligent Automation (IA) technologies and the role of enterprise process orchestration in addressing the challenges by connecting multiple disparate systems and applications across one platform while orchestrating tasks between robotic and human workforce to optimize workflows.

Enterprises can deliver real business value from decision automation by bringing all the aspects of decision automation: people, rules, data, and processes using the enterprise process orchestration.

Goli Tajadod, VP of Customer Success, FlexRule said, "Any orchestration model, transient or long-running decision model, will need to be built, modified, deployed and executed based on changing requirements of day-to-day business operations as the requirements for operational decisions change."

FlexRule(TM) Advanced Decision Management Suite is a unified and the most comprehensive digital decisioning platform that helps organizations:

    --  Orchestrate Both Long-running and Transient Decisioning
    --  Focus on Operational Decisions and Managing Them Explicitly
    --  Put Data and Analytics into Action
    --  Measure and Monitor Operational Decisions

FlexRule(TM) Advanced Decision Management Suite provides a unified platform that includes all your needs for your digital decisioning journey. This technology, guided by the decision-centric approach methodology, empowers teams to build, deploy, and monitor complex orchestrations across the enterprise. It enables organizations to improve the speed and quality of their business decisions in a changing environment.


About FlexRule

FlexRule is a leading provider of both end-to-end decision automation technology and the decision-centric approach, as its methodology to guide organizations through the journey of adapting to changing business requirements with effective and efficient decision automation solutions. FlexRule(TM) Advanced Decision Management Suite has delivered game-changing business results across many industries such as finance, healthcare, energy, insurance, banking, telecom, security & risk management, technology & consulting, and supply chain & logistics.

Website: www.flexrule.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/flexrule

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