HexaTech Demonstrates 2-Inch Aluminum Nitride Substrate with Absorption of 12 cm-1 at 265 nm

MORRISVILLE, N.C., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- HexaTech, Inc. announced today the demonstration of a 2-inch diameter physical vapor transport (PVT) grown single crystal aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate with the lowest known deep-UV absorption. Absorption coefficient values below 12 cm(-1) at 265 nm were measured across the substrate. This capability virtually eliminates transparency limitations perceived with previous generations of PVT-grown AlN substrates, providing optimum ultraviolet C (UV-C) optoelectronic device performance at peak sterilization wavelengths. As the world's leading commercial supplier of single crystal PVT-grown AlN substrates, HexaTech continues to demonstrate its technical leadership, driving performance-based solutions for its strategic business partners and the actively growing UV-C light-emitting diode (LED) market.

Lowest Known Absorption for PVT-Grown Aluminum Nitride Substrate

"Following through on our stated commitment to provide our customers even greater product performance and value, this breakthrough capability firmly establishes AlN as the go-to substrate technology choice of UV-C LED manufacturers," remarked HexaTech CEO, John Goehrke. He added, "Not only does HexaTech provide market-leading crystal quality, we have now shown the ability to eliminate substrate transparency concerns, setting the stage for dramatic industry and market-segment growth in the future."

Dr. Raoul Schlesser, HexaTech CTO and co-founder, commented "We have rapidly expanded our knowledge base tied to substrate transparency improvement, now showcasing absorption values that were previously thought to be unreachable."

Multi-point measurements exhibit not only exceptional performance and uniformity at 265 nm, but across the full UV wavelength range of interest.

Dr. Schlesser further noted, "Based on this demonstration, we have high confidence in translating this capability to a commercially available product in the near future, together with the exceptional crystal quality that has been a hallmark of HexaTech's material."

All of HexaTech's 2-inch diameter products, including the full range of deep-UV transparent substrate products, are available now with standard lead times. For more information on HexaTech's technology and products, please visit www.hexatechinc.com, or contact HexaTech at sales@hexatechinc.com.

About HexaTech

HexaTech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stanley Electric Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, is an industry-leading manufacturer of single crystal aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates. This substrate material is enabling long life UV-C light emitting diodes (LEDs) for disinfection applications, deep UV lasers for biological threat detection, and high voltage switching devices for efficient power conversion, and RF (radio frequency) components for satellite communications.

Founded in 2001, the HexaTech team has successfully solved complex material science and engineering challenges to commercialize high quality bulk AlN for volume production. For additional company and product information, please visit us at www.hexatechinc.com.

About Stanley Electric

Stanley Electric is a global company that manufactures automotive equipment and electronic components with cutting edge optical technologies. With manufacturing at its core, Stanley Electric invests in its group companies around the world to produce automotive lamps, LEDs (ultraviolet, visible, infrared) and other electronics. The company shall contribute broadly to society by exploring the infinite possibilities of light and bringing its value to humankind. Globally headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, for more information about Stanley Electric, please visit www.stanley.co.jp/e/.

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