Zucarmex USA Sues Langer Juice for Unsafe Food Production Practices

Zucrum Foods LLC, dba Zucarmex USA, based in Nogales, Arizona, has filed a lawsuit in United States District Court in the Central District of California, Los Angeles, against Langer Juice Products, Inc. and its affiliates.

The lawsuit is titled a “Complaint for Negligence in Unsafe Food Production Practices, Breach of Contract, Cancellation of Contract, Trade Libel Disparagement of Goods, and Fraud, and for Damages, Punitive Damages and Injunction Relief.” The lawsuit has been assigned Case Number 2:21-cv-02524 MWF (ASx).

Zucarmex USA is a producer of sugar and liquid sugar products. Langer Juice Co. is a producer of fruit juice products.

Media questions may be directed to Natalie Terashima at natalie@rkpr.net. Additional questions may be addressed to the Zucarmex USA attorney, Robert Ted Parker, Parker Law Firm, San Francisco, 415-412-1615. For more information about Zucarmex, please visit https://zucarmex.com/en/.

About Zucarmex USA

Zucrum Foods LLC, dba Zucarmex USA is an expert in growing, milling, refining, and marketing of sugar and other sub-products. Together, its sugar mills and team have been producing the highest quality sugar for more than 100 years. Zucarmex USA produces more than one million metric tons of sugar per year. The company’s renowned capacity is in one of the largest and most productive vertically integrated production systems worldwide.