CMTC Helps Optical Instrument Manufacturer Streamline Procedures & Retain Revenues through Additive Manufacturing

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC) recently guided Metron Optics through Additive Manufacturing (AM) design and consulting to explore options to include AM (3D printing) in the company’s manufacturing operations.

Located in Solana Beach, California, Metron Optics has designed and manufactured high-precision, high-quality inspection mirrors, marking pens, and accessories since 1971. The company works with a range of industries globally, including aerospace, military, electronics, agronomy, and medical.

Looking to explore ways to evolve their manufacturing, Metron Optics engaged CMTC to recommend designs for the AM process, create a solution selection for the best AM machine options, and determine how to minimize risk of adoption. First, CMTC performed an assessment to evaluate Metron Optics’ parts portfolio and ascertain whether additive manufacturing would be a good fit. Then, CMTC produced a technology adoption roadmap to guide the next phase which included a proof of concept and validation exercise in which a Metron Optics part was designed and produced on several AM machines and processes.

As a result of this two-phase process, Metron Optics gained insights into how AM could improve part quality; reduce the cost of manufacturing; and reduce risks in equipment selection, process integration, and optimization. Metron Optics’ CEO, Charles Kempf, estimated that CMTC’s assistance helped the company retain revenues of $150,000, enable investments of $11,000 in new products and processes, and realize $22,500 of cost savings over a 12-month period.

“A big thumbs up to CMTC and its very knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful advisors who helped us streamline our manufacturing procedures,” Kempf said.

For more information about CMTC’s business services, contact Rachel Miller at or 310-984-0096.

About California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC)

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