Interview with Mrs. Ria Weijnen, Marketing and Communications Manager, Nedinsco B.V.

Mrs. Ria Weijnen, Marketing & Communications Manager at Nedinsco B.V., gave an exclusive interview to Epicos. Among others, she stated that: “Nedinsco is the world leader in high precision optronics for defense applications. Our customers depend heavily on our camera systems, day& night vision solutions, sensor platforms and other vision system and they must be able to trust them to work unfailingly. That is why our customers require and expect a high level of quality. We ensure optimal quality and reliability by offering world-class production, assembly, design and expertise.” 

Mrs. Weijnen, can you please introduce to us Nedinsco?

Nedinsco specializes in the development and manufacturing of opto-mechatronical systems, both Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) as well as tailormade. Based in Venlo, the Netherlands the company has been supplying high-end products such as camera systems, day & night vision solutions, 360 degrees cameras, boresight, sensor platforms and periscopes for over 100 years.
By making state-of-the-art products, we provide visibility to our customers even under the most difficult conditions. Strong in-house R&D combined with world-class production, assembly and cleanroom facilities ensure optimal quality.

What is the current position of your company in the international market of electro-optic systems for defence applications?

Nedinsco is the world leader in high precision optronics for defense applications. The product range is ideally suited to land, air and naval systems. Governments, defense ministries and OEMs in the top segment of the defense market regard Nedinsco as a reliable knowledge partner and optical system developer.

What is the range of the products you offer?

Nedinsco offers high-end cameras, day & night vision solutions, direct sighting devices, sensor platforms, boresights, sensor platforms, training systems and periscopes for submarines. 

In which technological fields you believe your enterprise has a comparative advantage?

Nedinsco develops systems that combine ever-higher DRI, zoom and vision factors into the perfect vision solutions – in a robust housing and with the required electronics and software to ensure the system never fails. This combination is unique in the world and we want to develop it to its fullest extent.
Next to that, electronics and software are becoming increasingly important for the further development of these kind of systems. In addition, intelligence is required to translate images into information, to recognize vehicles and other objects, and to fuse images (from day and night vision, for example).


Who are your international industrial partners? 

SCHOTT, the world leader in producing fiber optics for direct vision systems
NIDV, the foundation for the Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security

Which are the future targets of your company for new products?

Nedinsco focusses on further developing the unique combination of perfect vision solutions built in a robust housing to its fullest extent. Our future targets are to expand in all aspects, launching new products, discover new regions and expand our presence to new markets.  For example, we are currently working on new systems for the detection of roadside bombs, as well as vision solutions for looking into aircraft engines for preventive maintenance.

Are you planning to expand your presence to new markets?

Yes, we are. We strongly believe that our vision systems can be tailored for use in many other applications. Our 360-degree systems, for example, can be used for street view applications. Other applications include camera detection for pipelines, bird detection at airports, meteorology and applications for the offshore industry.

Are you planning to participate to any of the forthcoming international defence exhibitions? 

This year we will exhibit at the AUSA in Washington DC, USA, and at the NEDS in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in November. Furthermore we are planning to exhibit at Eurosatory in Paris (June 2022), and in the future we hope to be at DSEI London, the DEFEA in Greece and other international defence exhibitions in new Nedinsco business regions.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Our systems are designed to meet customer’s most stringent demands, both today and in the future. Nedinsco’s unparalleled strengths lie in the fact that its products range from unique concepts and prototypes through to serial. Nedinsco supplies an impressive range of solutions, including both serial manufacture and specifically tailored products. 

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